Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update

...Because we don't have a facebook, or a twitter, or an instagram, but somehow we still have loved ones. 

Special Time

Outfit details
Hair: Jim Henson
Color scheme: Punky Brewster

Somehow certain members of the Family Es have gotten it into their heads that no childhood is complete without "special times" with Mom or Dad or both. Time for just that child to spend moments unhindered by rowdy, pushy, demanding siblings, where the focus is on the dear one alone and the parent child relationship will blossom without the extra constraints that caring for many at a time require. 

I call this bologna, because all the child really wants is do some fun thing we can't afford to have everybody do, bathing in the temporary bliss of only childom. 

So Momo wanted to go to a movie, and this is how she talked us into it. Obi and I took her alone. She has been to a sum total of two movies in her entire five yearhood, so this was indeed a rare opportunity. 

I will say as yuppie as the concept seems, it was truly, truly a treat to be with our little sprite, chatting in the back seat without having to simultaneously smack Jude, saying yes to a bag of candy because we wouldn't be buying six of them, or three and forcing them to "just share you ungrateful whiners!", and watching her dance to the credits without a whole herd of siblings dying a slow death of social mortification. 

Special time for the win!

Out on a Limb

After almost three years here, our little magnolia in the back is officially climbable.

But why Isaac?!?

Garage Hopping

Yes, his widdle head did just get bonked. But no biggie, just a barbell.

And these workouts are precisely why we can't park in the garage. Fair trade for flat baby abs. 

Getting cheeky

Beevis and Butthead

Peter tries something new for once.

Jude spent long weekend hours developing a brilliant scheme that involves completely one upping his teachers beyond their ability to reprimand. 

Will they ask him to pull his pants up, or will they ask him to pull his pants down? Win-win for the genius child.

Party Pooper

And Obi did a whole lot of martyr architecting. Don't tell God. He did it for his family. 

And why doesn't it feel like Monday!

Because it's spring break, yo!


  1. Sounds like a fun solo outing for your Momo! My kids beg for outings alone too. I have a hard time responding to blog comments with the blogger layout but to reply about the leggings...they wear them both for modesty and when it's cold. We try to mostly cover knees and shoulders for mass and they have a lot of tunic-type shirt-dresses that work well with leggings.

  2. I am simultaneously horrified/fascinated with stories of your Jude, since I see the future with my Jude in their telling. I'm taking notes the whole time- mostly reminding myself how amusing I find the whole thing now- so when it's me, and it doesn't seem funny, I can remember that this is karma biting me in the butt.


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