Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekenders: Our Life in Just Under a Thousand Pictures

...which according to Urban Dictionary (without whom my cool factor would would go from its pleasant home at zero to the negative scale) has multiple definitions, none of which fit the meaning of this post. But we do tend to do most of our living on the weekend. Carry on.


Joseph's wrestling season has come to an end. Big wahoo on that! He finished with more wins than losses, which is great for a sixth grader, as they are wrestling kids who are up to 15 years old in their weight class. A kid who is 15 and Joseph's weight, not a pretty match. 

But it sure was fun to see this kid with two bullies of big brothers take someone down.


Anyone who has known me for more than 13 minutes has seen me make this face. No, I am not making the "not impressed" face. I chew my cheek when I am nervous. I am often nervous. (Note to self: you do NOT look like Shakira with that hair. Get it cut, ya filthy hippie.)


Isaac, who brings the Annoying with him wherever he goes, has spent every Friday night for the past two months burning off the Skittles calories by scaling the bleachers:

you aren't cute. 

our champion

The Burning of the Christmas Tree

We have done this every year for the past five years. We usually burn the whole thing at once, but as we have had closer and closer brushes with burning our whole house down, we opted for chopping it up. It is a good thing not to be homeless.

Isaac ingeniously observed: "Chwismwas bwoke."

Peter and Jude: Overachievers

While We Cleaned the Garage

...well, some of us did. Consequently, I drove the Dreamsicle for the first time solo this weekend. Crashed it. True story.

And Celebrated, Paddy Style

The soda bread wasn't homemade, but the beer was. Priorities.

And that's a wrap. Good morning, Monday.


  1. My first comment really and truly was going to be - I love your hair!! Keep it! Secondly, MoMo's clogs. Thirdly, cool moped. Crashed it, really?? And of course you and Obi are just so cool for doing St. Paddy's day at all... Happy Monday.

    1. Finding the clogs were a product of having cleaned out the garage. I guess we should have done that about 4 months ago, because they are a little snug.

      Yes, I crashed it. I had to start it as I was turning a corner. I couldn't rev it properly to make it go, and then once it was, I turned quickly then hit the break, so I just kinda fell over. All was fine. I was only going about 4 miles per hour. Which caused Jude to groan, "You are SUCH an old lady."

  2. I chew my cheek too!!!! I've literally never known anyone else that does that. It's such a bad habit! But I can't help it. : )

    1. Every dentist from childhood up has noticed this and tried in vain to get me to stop. Oh well. Bad habit, yes, but probably better for you than morphine ;)

  3. Ok: first, Yay Joseph!!!!! Second: yes, he is cute! Third, shakira is no you! Fourth: Peter and Jude are stellar!! We were lingol! Fifth: amer looks like you! Sixth: we have the same dress as Momo!

  4. Three of us all seriously thought that that was you on the moped, not Amer!!!

    1. You guys are all crazy. You must have not seen me for the past 28 years. And even then I wasn't that cute.

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