Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Five Favorites

Joining the marvelous Moxie Wife for her new weekly link up to dish about material goodness. So many peachy things in this world, I just couldn't resist! Actually, I am just up at the crack of dawn with a nervous tummy over Momo's epic dentist appointment, now just hours away, and I need something to occupy my mind, and the laundry just isn't doing it.


These new designer t-shirts from my favorite Etsy shop, MoodyMe have been calling my name. Handmade and hand dyed by the lovely  shop owner herself, each is an original. I have a couple items from this shop and they are both my most treasured things, (my scrap hat is featured here) each little pieces of art. 

I have been loving these different bloggers, notably Laura, who have been talking about mom style and establishing a uniform for those of us sloppy stay-at-homers. One thing that has struck me especially is the idea of being really conscious about what you buy and what you keep as part of your wardrobe. I tend to go with "what is on clearance" when looking for something, but I think I would make my life simpler and more beautiful if I bought quality, flattering things I love instead.


These Merrell Barefoot Delight Gloves have the same Vibram footbed as my regular Barefoot shoes. So that basically means I could take a jog in these things, and yes, thank you very much, I have. They are not only totally cute and go with just about anything, they are an absolute delight to the feet of this barefoot girl. I do not like wearing shoes. I DO like wearing these. And the best part? Never even heard of them until I found them on the last chance clearance at Dillards. At a price I could actually afford. No, no, no, no matter how wonderfully amazing these things are, I couldn't bring myself to pay full price, which is enough to put one of my lazy kids through an entire soccer season. Thumbs up for the product, thumbs down for the retail price.


A paint job! We moved into this big box of a house almost three years ago, with the white yuck flat builders paint on the walls. We (okay, Obi) have painted almost every room but our own. We honestly don't care that much at the end of the day WHAT the walls look like, but with all the fingerprints and smudges of gogurt blessing the place, it was beginning to go from looking like a neglected college-kid crash pad to a full on Packingtown flophouse. And as much as Obi and I might resemble Jurgis and Ona, it wasn't romantic at all.

But as we might might might might be hocking this place to the highest bidder, it took the staggering fear that we would have to show it to people in order for them to be interested to get us motivated. All it took was a coat of paint. Interactive cream by name.


My amazing sister and her even more amazing (sorry Annie) family are doing a Friday family prayer show featuring brief reflections, family hilarity, and two (or sometimes more) of the daughters leading the audience in the Divine Mercy Chaplet. So beautiful and inspiring this family is, my kids have really enjoyed not only watching their cousins on the small screen, but actually praying along. The light-hearted and happy nature of the very short program creates an atmosphere of the true joy that a prayer life, and a family prayer life should be. Tune in, streaming live Fridays at 3, and then archived here.

I beg of you to click on this video and fast forward to 9:41 to see the most hilarious toddler divaness ever recorded in Catholic family history. Disappoint you not, it will.


This stuff. I know Christmas and all its joyousness is long gone, and well, that is why it was on clearance, Jeeves! And I could afford it, and mocha and peppermint flavor are not actually sweets, so it totally is not Lenten cheating. Totally not.


  1. Ooh! Pretty! much to love here. New paint makes me so happy. Love the warm tone you used too.

  2. I LOVE that hat!! Thanks for sharing. And the paint is gorgeous! This is my first time at your blog, but I'm so glad I came upon it :)

  3. YOur sisters' kids are soooo funny! Katie stole my heart--such a big sister/oldest child. I can totally relate. Cute cute cute.

    And your bedroom looks great! So serene. And thanks for the shout-out! (Now that it's 10:30, maybe I should get off the laptop and get dressed???)

    1. She has a saint's patience. Their family is nothing but laughter and joy.

  4. I love love love #1. The shirt is beautiful and I am all about cleaning out my closet these days. (Don't tell my guests, but I'm so excited about it I'm about ready to kick them out so I can get to it. Tee hee hee!)

  5. Love the yellow!!!

    Why you gotta temp us with things you found on sale, but that aren't on sale? Cheating.

  6. Thank You!! Love that you are admiring my newest designs inspired from vintage crochet.
    Personally my fav is #4, those darling girls! The "diva one" has already become my muse.

  7. Those shoes look awesome..cute and comfortable. I'm totally a barefoot girl too..except I don't have barefoot shoes..I just go barefoot all the time. LOL

    That video is awesome. You're sister's family is beautiful..what an awesome ministry.

  8. I love those shoes and have to see if my Dillard's has them!

  9. You had me at barefoot. Those shoes look super cute and super comfy. I need to look for some on clearance!

    The bedroom looks so pretty and inviting. :-)

  10. The precious family video in #4 - love it! The looks the big sister gives the others are perfect. I bet she is a big help to her mother. What a cool family (and a patient dad!).


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