Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photography Theme Thursday: Mud

Here I am again, riding on the coattails of the ever inspiring Cari at Clan Donaldson for her fabulous photography journey that is Theme Thursday. This week: MUD (or dirt mixed with water) 

Dear my web log, this series of photos marks a small triumph in my development as a human person, a beloved child of a Divine Creator. Because I conjecture that for the first time my photos are, dare I say it? getting better!

I know they are nothing special, and I surely won't be entering any of the above in the local amateur photographers contest with grand prize $10 gift certificate good at Focus Frenzy on the third Wednesday of the month between 12:30 and 1:15, not to be combined with other offers, but still, they are an improvement! And I say so. 

This is just such an accomplishment for me because my whole adult life I have spent snapping away at my silly children's smiles, and looking at the pictures and just saying, "Yeah, I can't take pictures." 

But then it occurred to me as this grew to be an attribute of my character, (Hello, I'm Rebekah, nice to meet you, please know that if I took a picture of you it would look no better than your last mug shot but without a pleasant backdrop) that I could actually improve on this. And doggone it, I hereby declare I have!  

So good to me is..

Photo 1:

the sparse bits of bright green baby magnolias mixed with the dying cones, brown mulch, and Naomi's precious dirty flesh in the first photo;

Photo 2:

the movement of the mud and the fuzzy toes in the second;

Photo 3:

Momo's little blond wisp in the last (see it?).

Okay, enough bragging, which to be fair is not something I usually do, and I don't expect any one else to notice anything better here, but seriously, I am my target audience.

I am off to clean up the vomit that is yell-rumored to be all over the upstairs commode and take care of my count 'em FIVE sick kids, and one unoccupied toddler. Thank you for the distraction!


  1. That first picture literally made me gasp. It is so, so beautiful. You could write a story of a million words about hope springing eternal, and life bursting forth from the wreckage of the past, blah blah blah.

    Or you could just look at your picture.

    And I love the pouring water in the last two shots! What a great idea to bring the suggestion of movement into a static image.

  2. Rebekah, you SHOULD be proud! These are awesome and you absolutely should enter them in amateur contests because those prizes sound over-the-top incredible. My favorite: second photo, for the perfectly focused plant and moving mud and water. (Also, the soil looks so rich and dark!)

  3. I love the water pouring in the second picture. The colors are vibrant in all three.

  4. Brag away! Those are awesome. Dirt, water, plants... yeah! Words are escaping me, but I have scrolled up to re-look at the photos at least a half dozen times while trying to type this comment. :-)

  5. Beautiful series!
    Agree with the prior poster; the pouring water is such a neat effect.

  6. Just stopping on over from Cari's. So nice to find you here and enjoy your photos. Plants, dirt and mud make me hopefully optimistic that this snow will all melt one day. Hopefully, I'll be enjoying them all again very soon.

  7. I love your second picture. Amazing detail there!

  8. Oh wow. LOVE these three pictures. I had no idea mud could look so beautiful :) And I hope the kids all get better soon!!

  9. Wow..those are beautiful! I totally think you should enter them.

  10. They are FANTASTIC photos. Congratulations!

  11. Nice pics! Old man Pete was Very! Concerned about the five sick kids. Suffice it to say, he won't be visiting you anytime soon! But, again, nice pics!

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  13. You should be proud! These are fabulous. My fave is #2. (And the blond wisp in 3.) I hope the kids are all better now.


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