Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Nourishment

Ok Body, February, everybody's unfavorite month, is over, spring is on the horizon: time to pick up and March forward (ooh, that was bad!)

What is it that my soul is yearning for? Well, other than my eternal reward and a glimpse of the beatific vision already...Here are Conversion Diary sponsored 7 Quick Takes of good for the soul yummies, Es style.


Last weekend I sneaked out to the Matthew Kelly Passion and Purpose Conference all by myself! Interesting ideas, but why aren't I SOLD sold on Dynamic Catholic? Anyone? However, just so dang fun to sit and listen and take notes on Important Things without someone pulling the pencil out of my hand or asking for a seventh sip of my water.


Does it look disgusting? It is so. My gosh, it sticks to your fingers and is the airiest pollen-like dust sitting there in its vast potential in that white plastic like its daring you to like it. 

But my soul needs a health kick, and I have always wanted to try the green ashes and maybe all this Lenten sacrificing has me just dying for more earthly mortification, so I thought I would give it a swirl. 

Blended with Bolthouse Farm Green Goddess juice, it actually tastes fantastic and guess what? I think it's actually working some kind of vitamin magic or just placebo power, because I seriously feel great!


Had enough of my feel goods? Too bad. 

Busy-ness, busy-ness, busy-ness is the standing order of each and every day here, but I have been focusing on relaxing into those moments that God has forced me into anyway. Obi and I both get up about 5:30 or 6, also forcing Peter and Jude to join the living. And even though they are on their quietest early morning gorilla behavior, they somehow manage to wake up the little ones. So I have been letting their too-tired selves to snuggle in our bed until they really need to get up, and absolutely do not mind joining them instead of rampaging at the injustice of it all. 


Continuing on my theme of "if you can't beat 'em, let 'em join you," I have been letting Momo and Isaac run with me in the afternoon. Or I'm running, they are traveling by wheeled vehicle. 

I just dropped the attitude that if I wanted to get a run in, I had to do it at 5 a.m., and I have been getting so many more miles in. I use my runs as my time to mentally decompress and NOT SPEAK, which I obviously cannot do with them along, but hey, nourishment.

Momo's helmet courtesy safety-second


A Church without a Papa. Sede Vacante. Can you feel it? Palpable.  My dear sister in Christ, Mary, who works in Vatican City has been sending me nourishing snippets of her experiences this week. She sent this yesterday after Pope Benedict left: 

"I watched the Pope fly away from St. Peter's Square and went in to pray to JPII. I don't know what exactly, but God is saying to me that at the end of our life, God will show us what he has done with us, and it will be accidentally to what we thought we did and only connected to the purity in our hearts that we kept alive. The fruit accidental to all our understanding."



Here is a picture taken yesterday of the above Mary in the square, published in an article in Catholic World Report


Laughter is one of the greatest nourishments. Yesterday, speaking with the kids about currently having no Pope, Jude completely genuinely remarked, "So we can do whatever we want?" 

Or maybe that's not funny, but we did laugh. 
Well, Jude didn't.


  1. 1 - fun!
    2 - um, that looks very lenten.
    3 - sleeping babies, bliss.
    4- you put me to shame.
    5 & 6 - love these!
    7 - hahahahaha!
    I am so glad I found you through Cari's Theme Th. I have been having such fun reading your posts. :-)

  2. #7 is DEFINITELY funny. From a child's mouth. Not so much from the mouth of the adults snarking the same sentiment in the comment section of the news reports.

    Your smoothie powder made me smile, too. I've gotten away from the smoothies in recent weeks--need to get back tot hat. I've been putting them together from basic healthy ingredients around the house: oatmeal, wheat gluten, spinach, flax meal as additions to fruit and yogurt. Which reminds me, I need to make one this morning!

  3. I simply must get back on the green food bandwagon. I used to juice everyday, but with homeschooling I really have to get an early start, so that is out the window. Maybe "green ashes" are what's needed.

    Your littles are too sweet!

    Jude cracks me up. :)


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