Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Breakers

Spring Break has officially arrah-hived! and the post man's gift to us was this tempting brown package the little kids and I just couldn't resist while the school homeys were taking their end of quarter tests in the concrete jails school.

Boring, just new swim practice suits for the boys who have been going about with shaved ham thin lycra tights while we all averted our eyes and prayed the swim coach was blind. 

But since they were NEW, Isaac just couldn't resist giving one a test drive.

Yes, dear ones, this is actually Peter's swim suit. He chose it. He looked at all the clearance suits, and this one called to him in a silken, forked tongue; whispering in those awkward ears of his that this suit would bring him glory and notoriety. 

This sink suit features red hibiscus flowers, eight balls, winning poker hands, dice, a modest cut, and...

the word "lucky."

Let's recall this is for Peter, weighing in at 130 lbs more than Isaac. No, an update will not feature Peter donning this stunner, but thanks for asking.

When asked about how he made his choice, he said, "I wanted a suit that everybody was going to look at when I was up on the block, and point to me and say, 'Hey, there goes the Lucky Racer!'"

No to the photo, but I will update the web log on what people do point at him and say. 

May your spring break be as lucky as ours is sure to prove!

*Update: Peter wore this to practice tonight and his coach remarked, "That's an interesting choice for you. It's good to have a little flare."

Flare, that's a nice way of putting it.

peter, zamphir enthusiast and sporter of fancy swimwear 


  1. Well that's interesting.

    1. More than interesting! That's hot ham sandwich deeelicious

  2. LoL! I just think of the movie Office Space when I think of flare. Everybody needs a good piece of flare I think. =)

  3. Thanks for giving me a laugh tonight! Oh I'm anxious to see what my spunky, opinionated boys will be like as teens. Hope it's a GREAT spring break!

  4. I can't stop laughing at this, which is no bueno because it's midnight and I've got a sleeping hubby on one side of me and a sleeping baby on the other side of me. Lol.


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