Thursday, March 14, 2013

Theme Thursday: Green, Featuring Guess What? Pictures of My Kids!

This is why I love the whole Theme Thursday thing with Clan Donaldson. We have this great golf course across the street that the kids (and I) love to sneak onto after the flags are lifted for the day. We have done this no less than a hundred times since we've been here. It's beautiful, quiet, there is always a sun set, and you really don't even get dirty, or worse, itchy, which is what usually happens when you play on any lawn in this not-conducive-to-real-grass state. 

But I have never gone out there and taken pictures! For three years!

So when I have to take a picture of something green, there it is, an actual golf course green! Nearly three years of awesome picture taking opportunities, and this is our first out there. Further proof of my absolute NEED for deadlines and motivation.  

Have no idea why the colors in the top photo turned out so...drastic. I did mess with the highlights, lowlights, etc. on Picasa, but the original looked pretty close to that. 

I love...the cat's cradle of the first pic, Isaac's all out bodily glee in the second, Momo's mane in the third.

I'm off to read everything I can about all things Fancisco, and brush up on my St. Francis history while I'm at it.  

I leave you with the cautionary tale my sister Annie made for all of us who have a hard time getting our articles straight. Be extra careful when around those from Latin America, like say, Pope Francis:


  1. Aw darn, whatever the little green square is after the last sentence isn't showing up for me. What am I missing?
    Love golf. Love to see kids on the course.

  2. Such great photos, how nice to be barefoot in MARCH!!

  3. When we lived in Mississippi, our house was in one of those neighborhoods that had a golf course in the middle of it. We'd do the same thing at night when the flags were down. I never thought to take pictures, either- but I'm glad you did. I love the motion in all of them. So much glee.

    Viva la papa- ha!

  4. Oh, they look like they are having FUN!! What a great place to have available!

    Go potatoes! Er, um...right. The only Latin I ever really learned was plant names! :-)

  5. The first one is especially wonderful. Maybe it has something to do with the ISO setting?

    And thanks for the article tip!

  6. Definitely looks like a great time was had by all!
    Great pictures!

    Thank you for visiting!

  7. Love the golf course shots! I remember many years ago we lived near a golf course. The one time I took photos there, I was always worried someone was going to call the authorities ;)

  8. I love the energy of the middle photo. You can almost hear the laughter! :-) And I could for the papas I couldn't stop laughing. Too funny. (BTW, so glad you like the engagement story. After you said that I went back and reread it. I cried again too. :-)

  9. What beautiful green...and all the barefoot kids make me so excited for warmer weather on the way. :-)

  10. I love the green green grass. And the happy happy kids.

  11. I love the purple sky in contrast with the green. Very nice!

  12. Oh, this makes me miss California something fierce. I know you're in Florida, but they have things in common, right? The colors are incredible.


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