Monday, March 4, 2013

Momo: Author of Nihilism

The Kitty and the Farmer

Once upon a time there was a little, little kitten. But her owner was having a party with bubbles. The owner was a farmer, she forgot her kitten was allergic to bubbles. And the owner forgot to put the cat inside before the party. The kitten got sick because of the bubbles.

The farmer grilled bread for the kitten to get healthy and not sick anymore. But the griller was going so smokey that the cat got even more sick, so she couldn't be outside at all.

And then the cat looked up at the owner and said, "Meow meow, I love you, owner. And thank you for getting me unsick."

But then the owner sank in a river, and then the kitty got lost. Then she got a new owner. 

The End


  1. Beauty and genius converge in that sweet little creature.

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  3. Tragic, tragic ending! I didn't see that coming!

  4. The ending was a bit surprising!! A budding author!!

  5. Wow, that was a surprise twist. The only things I love more than the story is the cutie with the marker on his face. LOL

  6. Oh my gosh....My Greta would LOVE to be best friends with Momo! They could sit around and tell stories and play all day and my Greta would be HEAVEN! That is such a cute story..and I love the surprise ending


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