Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Song

Not being the brightest pencil in the little pond (is that how the expression goes? I don't get it), I only have the capacity to listen to one song at a time. My children daily validating my suspicion that I am tone deaf, I take music for what it gives me.  I have no favorite artists, or groups or long playlists. I leave that to the experts (lesson learned: Peter and Jude are not experts, and any "artist" who uses the prefix "lil" is probably not Mom music). 

But I almost always have a song that I am clinging to in the moment, whose every intonation I memorize through brute force, tone deaf brain be damned. I would love to have a genre of music that just did it for me, that happy place where me and music-kind meet up and accept each other with unconditional enjoyment. The kind of relationship where I say, "You are a country song? I love you; let us commence our merriment." And it could be folk or punk or classical or whatevs. 

That is not meant to be. Instead, the closest I can come to having a music type is sad and sweet. I don't think I have ever loved a song that fell short of either of  those obligations. One track sad, sweet mind. 

So what am I getting at? Nothing, I just like this song and wanted to tell you that I'm not a Pink fan, but still have my car radio set to perma-scan looking for it every time I go somewhere, and have it annoying the heck out of my children while I play it on my lap top in the kitchen. That's all. And it's sad and it's sweet.

So much to love. Nate Reuss' voice. The fact that it was written about an argument over butter. Really, anyone who has ever been in a relationship with another creature can relate to the sentiment so well projected here. I can totally imagine my cat responding to my agonized groaning with, "I'm sorry I don't understand; where all of this is coming from; I thought that we were fine..." only Nate Reuss has such better delivery than my cat. 

But most of all the hope that underlies it all. We fight, we stop understanding one another, we make mistakes and we change. But "we're not broken we're bent; and we can learn to love again."

That, my web log, is my One Song for now. What's yours?


  1. Ken loves Pink. Loves her. I think she's trashy and loud mouthed and sstupid and opinionated, and I love that he loves her, since if you substitute the name "Pink" for "Cari" in the above description, you've pretty much summed me up.

    That said, I've never heard this song. But I like it too!
    My current One Song now is "Suit and Tie" by Justin Timberlake. It reminds me of old school Prince.

    1. Somehow I know you could pull off a bleach blonde butch cut. Gotta check out suit and tie, anything Prince-ish makes me feel twelve.

  2. Anastasia asked, as we gave a listen, "is this a God song?" Cause, you know, everything around here is soooo holy!


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