Thursday, March 7, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Squirrel Hut

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{pretty, happy}

We have so been enjoying this cooler weather in Central Florida, just because, well, it's different, and it has inspired all kinds of fun outdoor adventures that are no further than our own backyard!

There is a rascally squirrel we believe lives in our tree out back and Momo and I have been plotting out how to lure him into friendship's grip. Leaving peanuts as offerings at the base of the trunk hasn't seemed to be doing it. Maybe food is too abundant in our Garden of Eden? 

Momo decided to up our game and build him his own "squirrel hut," with wildfower decorations and my scrubby tomatoes that taste worse than they look. Where Momo goes, Isaac follows, so they spent the whole morning on their project. 


Isaac thought he would innovate and that this bucket of dirt might be useful. It wasn't.

Momo was spending an exorbitant amount of time on a sign for the hut that would read, "For Squirrels Only." She was so frustrated with it, she finally asked, "Can squirrels even READ?" She was serious.


Their efforts were in vain, the wily squirrel never showed up. 

But the morning was well spent.


  1. I love the squirrel hut. That is so precious!

  2. A morning well spent indeed! I love the teamwork--you never know when a bucket of dirt could come in handy....

  3. Sam is worried that Momo is too close to a snake in picture #2.

    1. Sam is both observant and caring! Tell him to rest assured that is the nylon rope that originally held that tree in place when it was just a baby. The rope is now entangled with the roots and cannot be removed. We are regularly mistaking it for a black racer snake, plenty of which we have around here.

      Also, Sam, I will put together a little post about Joseph's pet snake for you. I will try and get some action shots of it (her) devouring a mouse. YUM!

  4. "Can squirrels even READ?" Awesome line! I really did laugh out loud : )

    (Just stopping in via California to Korea, via House Unseen, following the homeschool/book list trail. Thanks for a fun visit!)


  5. Ok. First, Momo is a genius!!! Second, COLD? Please, Isaac is barefooted! it was 17 degrees this morning! Third, The last picture of Isaac and Momo is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Love the Squirrel Hut. So fun! :)

  7. Haha, this is too sweet! We had a "friendly" squirrel in our yard growing up. He mostly amused himself by running right past the dog, jussst exactly out of reach of the the tether. Squirrels are tricky!


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