Thursday, January 10, 2013

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round button chicken

Brought to you by the sweetly inspired Like Mother Like Daughter crew. Keen on any chance to look at this life through categories,I have been doing this in my head each week since I started reading their blog. The Beautiful Life is observation through intention. Or something.


These bushes in our front have attracted almost every type of bee, butterfly and moth in the Central Flo. Isaac and Momo have experienced no end of enjoyment watching them tiptoe over the blooms with their silent limbs. No fear has my little son, and although he calls them all "bite," cannot really believe anything so lovely could ever do him harm.


"Unseasonably warm" was how the weatherman, unable to liberate himself from the constraints of professional duty, described our day yesterday.  


Six dependent resident obnoxos and this is what I have for funny?  Slow weak other than the usual poop jokes.  A stray pumpkin seed decided our front landscape bed was the perfect spot to expand his reality.  You are always welcome here, little little pumpkin. I am just perplexed that all your brothers and sisters we endlessly caressed with great expectations in our actual garden never decided our place was worth their trouble to sprout.  There  is an appropriate and equally cliche metaphor here, go find it.


I have danced holes in my shoes.  How many miles I have put on these providers of wonder and splendor, I cannot count.  Absolutely the best revolution in my running career was the discovery of these, my beloveds.  What is real is how much it will cost me to replace them


  1. Your photography is beautiful! We've had similar experiences with stubborn plants that won't take root where we've selected and nurtured and seem to grow without a nudge or care in the world in the most amusing places - like compost pile (that we stop turning over for fear of disrupting the pumpkin)!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm really working on it. I'll take a pumpkin wherever I can find it; I'll bet yours is pretty orange and juicy coming from a compost heap!

  2. I am intrigued, intrigued, intrigued by those shoes. Because the toe shoes are a little too much for me, but something more natural than glorified clogs would be great...

    1. You should be intrigued! The barefoot movement is absolutely everything it claims to be. I'll try and write about the difference it has made for me when I get the new shoes.

  3. Shoo! Or, shoe! I'll get those runners even though I'm not a runner! But, I do remain, for the majority of my existence, barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen!


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