Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in 12 photos

One of the reasons I decided to chronicle our crazy life here on the web log is because of all the awesome links that all the great others create to help us losers catalogue and share our own special brand of the world.  

So I couldn't resist joining in to the House Unseen photo recap. But in a limited capacity.  Because I'm an underachiever.  Plus, you know, when we limit ourselves it is really just a way of stretching our creativity within the box. Why is that so bad? 

These photos are taken only from my phone, and only by me.  The former is terrible at taking photos and so is the latter.  But still...interesting to see our year here!

baby es turns 1: bittersweet

zip line tour, peter and joseph

absolutely nothing happened this month apparently

first communion

did this actually happen?
i don't want to talk about it.

beach pic in june? passe.

yes, we went for a hike in florida in july.
yes, the sign reads, "warning torture."
yes, it was.

central lake in august. ciel indeed.

ah yes, september was an endlessly fascinating month for the family es, according to my phone.
here is jude posing in front of what he called,
"the world's most important piece of plywood."

no caption necessary 

peter went to states! see him? see him?!

shoddy photographic evidence that obi and i went to the ice bar

Well, that was actually kinda fun.  For me.  And seeing as I alone am my primary target audience, I deem it a resounding success. I see my New Year's Resolution needs to be to take better photos, so long 2012!

Thank you, Mrs. Borobia, for letting me play along!


  1. I am laughing SO hard at September. You guys are awesome. This is awesome.

  2. Wow!!!!! These pictures are amazing!!! I can't wait for the photo book that they inspire!!!


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