Friday, January 4, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

As far as I can understand this blogging phenom, the idea is to find seven random thoughts/happenings in your life and submit them with the assumption that someone else on the planet finds them worth their time to read. Some people's no doubt are.  Mine? Well they're mine.  Enjoy.


I started blogging.  Why, you didn't ask? Well, I suppose I have several goals, as outlined as follows: a. I NEED to learn how to use a computer before robots overtake the earth. b. I WANT to learn to take better pictures in order to see my personal life from a new angle. c. To provide entertainment for Annie. d. Give Manniewise something to poke fun at.  Accomplished that one.

Due. (Ha! Thought it was Spanish didn't ya?)

Hope springs eternal!  Bought these beautiful bonsai at the zoo from this bearded, guitar playing bonsai whisperer and promptly attempted murder on his dear little child (whom we had adopted.)  Wish I could have shown you the before pic., it was zen perfection personified, or like he said, "had lovely movement."  Anyway, its leaves had all fallen off, one by one no less, in a very O'Henry-esque manner if you must, and I had all given up on it until I spotted this:

So I promptly cut off all the dead branches, and am now begging the Good God that this little bonsai-creature is some sort of metaphor for the new year. Why not, God, why not?

In other news, the other bonsai is doing just fine:

So there.


In other plant news, that little rascal Isaac decided he was going to help us with our garden the way only little rascals can.  So he picked some beautiful (green) tomatoes for us.

get your dirty paws away from the rest of our winter sustenance
Someone should really watch that kid.


In other Isaac news (to repeat that awesome segue tool), he saw this picture on my computer the other day and immediately self-identified:

He wouldn't let us leave the screen and kept endearingly crying "Oh, Ah tee (Isaac), Oh, more Ah tee."  And weirdly petting the screen.  Kids. Where do they get these crazy ideas?

I see no resemblance


Epiphany is upon us!  The Family Es looks forward to this every year with great hopes that our annual house blessing will bear great fruit.  And honestly, it always delivers.  The kids love throwing blessed salt and water in every room and imagining the angels actually making themselves home with us.  One of the few but powerful moments in our family's life where we feel we truly are a domestic church.  I think I will use this blessing this year.  


Have you seen this?  

Never! Never pass up the opportunity to behold the beautiful Girls Nolan.  Live Fridays, 3pm, Divine Mercy,


After many tears, guilt trips and the standard power point presentations that childhood is rife with, we got Joseph a snake for Christmas.

Really the best thing about it is that the pretty little thing hides all day so you don't know if she is just under her bedding or has escaped and under your bedding. And that you only have to feed her once a week.  So comforting knowing that if all else fails for dinner you have frozen mice in the freezer. 

if there is one thing that makes momo happy it's dead frozen mice just waiting to be fed to a predator
Wow! You actually read all that?  Or you actually skimmed all the way down here?  You are a reading champion!  Here are the rest of the Quick Takes in their truer, purer form.  And say a prayer for the amazing Jennifer Fulwiler.


  1. I bet you would never guess that your biggest fan would be none other than Michael Baru!!!!!

    1. But why would he be using my beloved Anne Nolan's account? Curious...

  2. Read every dadgum word. Every. Dad. Gum. WORD.


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