Thursday, January 17, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Midterm Edition

Take two of this delightful exercise in self-affirmation. This week, here at Rebekah's Web Log, is midterm week, fans. Teenagers, especially boy teenagers, let no one fool you, are an endless source of pleasure to raise and admire. My two, no different, I assure you!

round button chicken

{happy} just to mix it up

"i knew you were trouble when ya walked iiiiinnnnn"
This is exactly and the only way number one son will study. Unless his feet are on the couch. His main carry over from his homeschool days are that school work is just plain happier in comfort. "Why are the seats at school sooo haaaard?"


hands off, mom
This miraculously smelling stuff they stole from their buddy. If you leave something at our house and you don't realize it, that is what I call stealing, and they call "courtesy of." Either way, you will never get it back. Yes, you are reading the label on this potion correctly, "Really Ripped Abs," and I must say, at least it lives up to its name. It actually smells like really ripped abs: what a teenage boy smells like after lifting weights in a steam room and then taking a dip in a pine-sol pool. That is precisely the smell. No wonder they covet it.


i'm about to a minute

Really, that's all there is to it. This is basically how Jude studies. No matter where you hide, the world WILL find you! But he's always just on the couch, under a blanket. It's not that hard to find him.

{pretty} To end on a Positive Note

anybody seen my really ripped abs?
Don't you tell me you can't call teenage boys pretty. Especially after a day of escaping the books to surf and body board all day. Beautiful tans are waaay more beneficial than good grades in the long and short term. Ask anybody. Yeah, that's the guy Peter and Jude stole the goods from, don't let that smile fool you, he's hurting.

Thanks for letting we of the sub-par {p,h,f,r} play along!


  1. "anybody seen my really ripped abs?"

    Oh, that made me laugh.

    Those boy "fragrance" sprays always make me gag. My youngest brother had some and I swear he ruined our house the weekend he came to stay, it was so putrescent!

  2. too funny! i'm looking forward to the craziness of teenage boys. i have two little huys (ages 5 & 2) with one more on the way in feb. gotta love them!

  3. Hahaha -- they need a woodpile to move with those strong arms, don't they?? ;)
    Thanks for joining!


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