Friday, January 18, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Volume II

Just being a follower, joining Conversion Diary for another weekly roundup:

Uno. Oh Te'o my Te'o

Utterly fascinating. I can't stop thinking about this, which I'm sure is a notable symptom of a bored/tired/hungry mind. But seriously, could there be a more perfect after school plot line? Or mystery theater? I will remain intrigued. On the radio this morning the obnoxious host was saying how someone in the sports world is making a killing selling shirts that say, "play like your fake girlfriend died today." Ouch. Coming from South Bend, and a lifetime of Notre Dame fandom, I feel pretty much like this author does.

Due. Something Right

Don't let the constant screams and outrage coming from our house fool you, it's brutal raising teens. Most of the time I am wondering what happened to the adorable little guys I used to know, and what, what, what, happened to the fruits of all that magnificent parenting I did of yesteryear to end up with these slobs who just crash at my house. But then something so little, so nice, comes from them and you realize you did something right, because all you ever really wanted was for your kids to love each other, not be able to recite the Harp and Laurel Wreath cover to cover or build stations of the cross out of toothpicks for the prayer room. Anyway, Peter sent me this pic from his phone while on his way to church, and I was already there teaching CDD. 

you fink i'm cute, huh?
Just the fact that he looked at his baby brother, thought he was cute, took a picture, sent it to his mom, that's all moms need, kids, that's all we need. If they only knew how easy it is to please us saps.

Tre. Birds

will the gators get them, mama?
Say what you will about Florida, I've heard it all before, because I'm the one who said it. But there is something undeniably fun about walking out your front door and finding a crew of storks taking in the scenery across the street. I just hoped they caught lots of fish because goodness knows we aren't allowed to (grumble grumble, old pesky folks in Florida grumble.)

Quattro. Diet

SOOOOOOOOO (sorry, was that abrasive?) excited about going on the 8 hour diet. More to come on this. I am one for a fad, one for a diet, one for changing...anything. So I am easily intrigued. Heard of it? What do you think?

Cinque. Trash

Joseph's been digging in the trash again. He used to keep a hilarious blog back when I homeschooled him about all the stuff he found in the trash back. Wish he still did because he has found some amazing stuff lately. Okay, well we live in this town in the middle of nowhere where people pretty much throw out anything from actual trash to raw bars of gold (those usually get  nabbed pretty quickly, though, I admit.) Yesterday he came home with a Revolutionary War chess set (minus one soldier/pawn), a side table AnneMarie is using for a desk, and a pendulum clock. 

okay, where are you hiding the good stuff?
Sei. My streak of good parenting continues

I actually had a teacher's wife apologize to me for her husband's inappropriate comment! Hilarious because how many times have I had to apologize for my honest to goodness inappropriate children. She walked up to me after school and asked if Joseph had said anything about a comment her husband made. I immediately started flushing and wondering whatintheworldhavemyprogenydonenow!!! She said that they were having a class discussion about problem solving and Joseph had volunteered that he could solve Chuck Norris' depression problem (news to me) by sending him to Washington State to use medicinal marijuana. Her husband quickly shut that down and said something to the effect that my darling little son would end up a crack head. And then of course he felt bad. But Joseph, of course, never thought twice about it and was just glad he made his joke in class. So really, I was apologized to for Joseph's inappropriate behavior. Plus 1 for me!

Sette. Pinterest Dinner

This is basically how I make a meal from Pinterest:

  • search Pinterest using key ingredients I have on hand, e.g. chicken and rice noodles
  • find a recipe with a good picture, but with most other ingredients not on hand
  • wing it, but you know, based on the recipe
  • end up with one satisfied customer (Obi), six hungry kids, but hey, also lots of leftovers.
  • curse Pinterest

Ciao for now!


  1. I don't pinteret, but yo do I recipe fail! I've been trying out home ground quinoa flour cookies. They taste good, but can't quite find the right ratio of flour to eggs. My son's main complaint is that they aren't milk dunking worthy.

  2. "home ground quinoa flour cookies" sounds like the name of a 90's punk band


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