Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Enough of Isaac Already

I can't help it, there is just something irresistibly charming about baby talk. Each child's language evolution from googoo to full-on Shakespearean fluency is a fascinating study in science of the mind. As each of my children obtains speakerhood, new vocabulary is added to the collective lexicon of the Family Es, and with each new word an encapsulated moment in time. What a seasonless home we would abide in without Joseph's main food group of yesteryear, bop bop (kethcup for the non-Es)!

So I give you, my web log: 

What Isaac Says Right Now

ssshhhh! eggo...

Ah tee = Isaac

Nurn = Turn (meaning I alone am experiencing this, go away)

Sheer = Share (meaning I want to take over for myself whatever you have or are doing)

Sheer, Mom! = Share, mom (meaning I will use my sway with the administration to make you give me what you have)

Eggo = Diego (meaning I will leave you alone for 22 minutes in exchange for your computer)

Tide = Outside (meaning I will push you until you consent to stand on the back porch, not watching me, while I pick all your green tomatoes)

Ummy, pees, ummy = Yummy, please, yummy (meaning I feel hunger in my oversized balloon belly, but the kind of hunger that can only be filled by ice cream)

ShshhshS (while using full hand contact over both lips) = Sh (meaning I don't appreciate your desperate attempt to lull me to sleep with that scratchy warbling)

Nenu = Thank you (meaning the cleverly appropriate response to absolutely every nice action in my favor)

Hodeju= Hold you (meaning you better stop whatever meaningless thing you think is so important and put me in your arms, for tomorrow my baby sweetness will be all gone)

HUG! = Yes, enthusiastic use of the word hug (meaning he is a sweet, sweet child and beyond doubt loves to be in someone's arms)

Sweet babe, in thy face
Soft desires I can trace,
Secret joys and secret smiles,
Little pretty infant wiles.

-Oh William Blake, weirdo that you are, 
so often am I indebted to you

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  1. Mikey used to chase ducks at the duck pond saying, "Hold me, duck hold me!"


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