Friday, May 3, 2013

7QT: 5k + 5 kids

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 215)

Thanks again to Jennifer Fulwiler for the opportunity to join the Seven Quick Takes madness!


Been trying so hard, and failing even harder, with sticking with an adequate running routine. Because of our moving upheaval, the babysitting during the day, and taking the kids to activities in the afternoon, I either have to get up at 5 to run by myself, or run in the evening with an entire entourage of children of various ages and talents. Which means I have been running in the evening with an entire entourage.


And I am here to tell you, dear Web Log, it is entirely doable!

I stick Isaac in the jogging cart, put Momo and AnneMarie on their bikes, and inevitably Joseph will join us, even though he is old enough to sit home and clean up dinner for me, which is the only thing that seems less appealing to him than tagging along on my run. And inevitably some neighborhood kid or other will see us gearing up and ask to tag along. So there we are, not a spectacle at all.


It goes a little something like this...

I get a good pace going, just start to zone out and listen to the pitter patter of my footsteps in my head, when...

One of my five companions notices the moon is out and begging to be gazed at, the magnolias are just blooming and begging to be sniffed, "just ONE time." And the whole operation comes to a hault.


So I round them up, move 'em out, and we're off again, because these things happen.  And then we're just getting a good pace going, ignoring the fact that Isaac has Houdinied his way out of his seat belt, and...

Joseph's chain falls off. Every time. Every time.


But it's all good, these things have a way of happening, we just go forward, ever anticipating that moment where I feel like I am actually exercising.  And then...

we stop to scare away a gator, because you know we haven't seen one since our last run.

Which is just fine, but results in this:

And Isaac has his own personal workout for as long as he can keep the stroller straight without tantrumming. While I walk, practicing interior mortification and suppressing all urges to leave them all in Joseph's charge for about 30 short minutes so I can just run three feet without stopping!


And somewhere about this time, we get a real run in because Isaac is worn out, the scenery is the same because we are on our way back, I can finally feel my heart rate raising from something other than frustration, and we stop for this:

Because who wouldn't?  

Total distance traveled: 5k

Duration: Just one short hour

Reward: Tired kids, tired mom, tired sun

Like I said, doable.


  1. We do something similar in the evenings at the park with a path. It wears us all out on the evenings we are not heading to one sports practice or another. I loved all the photos!

  2. I love your definition of "doable." Something along the lines of "nearly impossible but not quite so, and requiring enormous amounts of patience." Did I get that about right?

    I love the photos.

    1. Yes, that is what I meant, but I need little bitty words.

  3. Oh, you mean Interval training, throw in a few squats while the littles spectate and you'll be killer.
    I would suggest push-ups but I doubt your biceps need anymore help what with the kid free-weights you carry around.

    1. That is under my "how to become a better person list," which I haven't crossed anything off of yet.

  4. LOL I like Micaela's and Joy's comments. If you don't like squats you could throw in some lunges. =)

  5. I'm going to direct everyone who tells me, straight-faced, "I can't find time to run with my kids' schedules" to this post.
    Also, those socks of yours? Fantastic.

    (and I'd totally stop for the magnolias, but only because it's been three years since I've seen them. No because I'm, you know, a lazy runner always looking for a walking break)

  6. Kudos! that gator looks scary!

    Think I will thankful for the Very Cold Days here
    in MN and that gators hate the cold.

    Great pictures! Looks so summery!

  7. I love everything about this post! We've been trying to "power-walk" more as a family, but I don't know that I'll ever be up to running!

  8. Ha ha...this is about what our family walks/runs look like...except I am super, mean, mean, mean mommy and just keep going-no-stopping-run-right-over-the-alligator-and-try-not-to-get-eaten-let's-go-let's-go-let's-go

  9. Your 5K does sound do-able and so similar to mine. Of course, I'm still in cold MN so I have not ventured outside to run again yet. I'm stuck on the treadmill watching littles not get near the treadmill and also picturing scenery and outdoors that I'd likely pass by. Lately the treadmill is kicking my butt and I can't get over the hurdle of stepping up with my speed. Thanks for the inspiration and hopefully I can head outside to run very soon and kick this plateau.

  10. What a wonderful place for running!! Looks so different to where I in Germany!!
    I found your Blog just a few days ago....and I like it very much!!
    I do not understand every single word ;-) but I admire your way of living with a house full of kids!!!
    Greetings from Germany!!

    1. Thank you, Simone! And I believe native English speakers don't understand every word as well ;( I am sure Germany is beautiful as well!


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