Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Know What You Did Last Weekend

You know how big important, overworked performers like Beyonce or Flavor Flav make news by cancelling huge engagements "due to exhaustion?" Well, I believe the Family Es has joined such distinguished ranks, because this weekend, all plans were cancelled due to exhaustion.

Honestly, I don't know what happened, but something like Obi and I woke up Saturday morning and just. couldn't. move. So we didn't. I mean move - move. We were supposed to pack up a big truck this weekend and bring it down to the new place, but instead, we enjoyed a rousing weekend of doing absolutely nothing. No packing. No visiting. No home fixing upping. 

It was glorious.  Due to exhaustion.

Anywhere, here are some lowlights of our nonsense:

 Due to circumstances too confusing and yet still too boring to share, Obi and I ended up going to Mass alone with Peter and Jude. I can't remember when we have done this, but it can't have happened since probably Joseph was a toddler. I am all for taking the big glorious family to Mass, babies, toddlers, skulking teens all together in the pews. But this was just so nice with just the two of them. I know God speaks to me and gives me grace through all those wrangling motherhood moments that leave me feeling more frazzled than refreshed after Sunday Mass. But I felt like He Himself was so grateful for this quiet Mass with just the big boys, and actually gave me the grace to just savor that short hour alone, praying with those two. It is easy for me to forget I need the grace to simply relax and enjoy little gifts when they are unexpectedly given. God is Love.

And then we got ice cream, so...

And it was nitrogen ice cream? Are you kidding me? Internet? Why didn't you tell me? NITROGEN ICE CREAM?

Yeah, they pour some sugared cream into a bowl, spray some nitrogen in it, and Abracadabra! (which was the name of the place) Ice cream! Seriously, I didn't know this was a thing!


...and gallant
So extremely cool, so extremely good, got to bring the other kids here before we leave.

What else did we do?  

Seriously, I'm not kidding that we did nothing.

Other than Joseph dug in the random trash heaps, as is his usual,

here he is actually taking a nice print out of a gross frame,
not because he wanted the print, but because he lives his life
in hopes that someone stuffed their life savings behind the paper
of a frame and forgot about it. 

and spotted Slenderman's Army of Girlfriends at the mall.

which really freaked him out. he is never going to the mall
or to bed again.

Where, actually, we did really go and got crazy deals at The Gap, I am embarrassed to say. I'm not kidding crazy. I guess it pays not to be barbecuing and beer swigging and beach going, because I got this dress for Momo for $6.30.

And here is AnneMarie, after Jude and I coached her into posing like a bonafide OOTDer: pigeon toed, one hand on hip, looking demurely askance and downward. 

diaper by luvs

Anyway, dress for $14, leather shoes for $2.85. Yes. Really.

Jude WAS NOT satisfied at AnneMarie's half-hearted attempt at fashion blog greatness and had to get in on the action himself.

Brah-veaux, Jude Marcus, Brah. Voh.

...And I bought him that shirt pictured for $3.47. Cheaper than Goodwill, dear Weblog.

Which brings the three day weekend to a screeching hault. Good morning, Tuesday. 


  1. My boys get a kick out of the duck faced, pigeon toed photos that 'some' girls over share all the time - I have some brilliant photos of them doing the same but they are not as brave as Jude and will NOT let me post them (which I hate because I think they are greatness).
    I love that Joseph digs through old picture frames looking for someone's life savings.
    Okay, you beat me - I was all excited I found leather shoes for $5.00 but you win with the $2 find, that is awesome! The dresses are steals too, so cute!
    I didn't know Nitrogen ice cream was a thing either! My husband works in Cryogenics so I'm having a talk with him, he has been holding out on me, I'm sure of it!!
    I hope your well deserved slower paced weekend fueled you up for the next phase of moving!!

  2. Oh my gosh, JUDE! Funniest blogger picture ever!

  3. Love this! Nitrogen ice cream? So cool! Do people think that your sons are your brothers? You look way too young to have teenagers! And oh my goodness....Gap sales? Need to check that out! Adorable dresses. And the boys are hilarious! I love Jude and also little Isaac, looks just like how my little Thomas toddles around wearing only a Luvs :) Glad you got a break this weekend!

  4. Hahaha! Slenderman's Army of Girlfriends! True and creepy.

    Mass sounds like a dream. An absolutely perfect dream. Glad you got to recharge. Good luck with the final push!

    1. I keep coming back to Slenderman's girlfriend army over and over during the day (times I hope Rebekah doesn't know how to track visitors), and it never fails to be fascinating/hilarious/horrifying. Fasariousing?

  5. I agree with Blair...way too young looking you are!

    Slenderman scares me too! I should not know about him but I have teen boys therefore I am so lucky.

  6. The thing is that no one ever recognizes how hard Flavor Flav works.

    1. I know! It's like when Miley had to enlighten us all about how bad gluten is for us, ya'll! Famous people never get the appreciation they deserve!

  7. Wow! You all look so gorgeous! From Obi to you, to Peter, to Jude, to Joseph to Amer, to Mome, to Isaac!! And, you sure did a whole lot of somethin' for a weekend chocked full of nothin'!

  8. Both Amo and Jude can model, even when Jude is goofin'....Flyin that flag


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