Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five Favorites

Joining Moxiewife for Five Favorites, because I am just so grateful for so much, really, no sarcasm. Really!

photo credit Jude himself, he has only himself to blame for his weirdness

Teenage Boys!   Boy, do they get a bad wrap.  But we have never moved before with two of them.  Peter was 13 when we moved in here, Jude was 11. Now, they are 16 and almost 15 and both at least 6 feet tall.  They have been so unspeakably helpful moving all the big stuff.  We have taken three loads down to the new house, and Obi has only directed while they have done every single bit of the lifting and moving.  Obi (who to be totally fair, is stronger than the two of them put together) has a really bad back, and constant lifting always ends with him in super bad pain. No more! Thanks, boys!


Ohmigosh! we love U Haul! What a blessing. Obvious? But still, how could we do it, or anyone?  And even better, Obi keeps reserving simply a trailer, which would be small, etc. but they are cheap.  And U Haul keeps running out of them, but since we have it reserved, they keep giving us huge trucks complete with a car trailer on the back FOR THE SAME PRICE! Because they are that committed to keeping their commitments.  Thanks!


Jamaican Blue Mountain Reserve Coffee!  My dad ordered this for me for my birthday last month, and it came WITH MY VERY OWN NAME ON IT!  I cannot tell you how that lifted my spirits.  A truly excellent personalized gift that really had the effect of making me feel special? Cheesy! Yes, please!  And to top it off, this stuff was so, so good. Probably the best home brewed coffee I have ever made, and I am unapologetically well known for spending more on my coffee than my children's combined well being. So I know good.


Towelhoodies!   These are the beautiful brainchild of my fantastically talented and creative sister-in-law Melissa Moody. She hand makes each one with care, and they are the definition of beauty and luxury.  Each of my kids has one of these and we take them everywhere.  They cut down on so much towel laundry for me because each kid really only uses their own and they hang them up by the hood and keep them clean.  Absolutely one of my favorite all time products.  AND!!!! She has just opened up business on Amazon, so, you go girl!


ragamuffin not included

Speaking of birthdays and handmade beauty, my darling little sister sent me this gorgeous pocketbook handmade by Anagrassia. The artist is none other than my sister's sister-in-law's roommate's sister, which basically makes me famous. Anyway, it is a thing of loveliness with real leather, real silk, and basically too beautiful to be seen with me, but it is an inanimate object and therefore I have power over it. Soooo....

Thanks for stopping by! And I have no time to proofread (much to my professor-father's chagrin,) so sic. sic. sic. All covered.  There ya go! On your way!


  1. So Jude proves the theory that pets and their owners look alike.

  2. I can't get over the picture of your son in his speedo. Oh my goodness.

    My kids got towel hoodies that look like animals about 4 years ago, and they all still use them after every bath/shower. Great investment!

  3. My mom-n-law makes those wonderful towel hoodies and we love, love, love them!
    Moving with teenage boys is such a blessing, when we moved across country in 2010 I had to pack the house up by myself too since my husband had already come here to get things ready for us. Those teenagers made it possible, they were wonderful! UHAUL made it possible too, I love that company because they really went above and beyond to accommodate us.
    I'm crushing on the purse that makes you famous, you sure do know good people!

  4. I kind of tremble at the thought of having three teenage boys in the house one day. To keep my mind off of it I'm going to browse the coffee and handbag sites. :-)

  5. #1. Teens are great for moving and new babies and driving their sibs places. Love those teens.
    #3. Where did your mug come from? My dad is a ceramic engineer and supplies most of the clay used in handmade pottery in the States from his quarry in Mexico, Missouri. I love handmade pottery and I go out of my way to support those artisans. LOVE THAT MUG!
    #4. TOWELHOODIES? Where have you been all my life? I have been searching for tiny beach towels for littles for years. Thank you.

    1. Jessica that is so cool! I am a huge lover of handmade pottery and also try to buy directly from artisans at craft venues. This particular mug I bought from a guy who had a booth at our neighborhood festival. He sold it for $2 because it was an "off" piece he wasn't proud of. Crazy, because it is one of my favorites!

    2. Jessica, we lived in Vandalia when I was younger and know exactly which quarry you are talking about. Is it not the smallest of small worlds? :) We live about an hour from Mexico now but that is where my nephews were all born.

  6. That's it! I'm telling Ken that he has to hold Ford off any more transfers until the boys are teens.
    Oh. Wait. Ford pays for movers.
    Thank you, Ford.

    Do you read Bobbi at Revolution of Love? Every time she posts pictures of Monterey, I say the same thing. "GORGEOUS! HEAVEN ON EARTH! BREATHTAKING!" all in caps like that. I'm now going to start repeating myself like that on your blog, every time you post a picture of your children. "GREEK GODS! GORGEOUS! THANK YOU FOR BREEDING!"

    Probably the creepy factor is upped when I'm talking about children vs. landscape, though...

  7. Has anyone mentioned the speed-do yet!! My dad is 70 and rocks a speed-do!

    ditto on the teens...especially boys! They do help a lot once they get older.

  8. So much good in your life!!!! I love it!!! All I got from my father was an awesome breakfast at the pancake hous that probs put him back $200 so I'm not really complaining.

  9. Oh man. Only one boy so far. We better keep trying!!! ;)

  10. Your kids are all so good-looking!

    Love the towelhoodies as well...those are so useful and kids look so cute in them!

  11. Beautiful kiddos, beautiful bag (I would need three with all my junk), and coffee for a birthday gift? Sigh! What a lovely thought!

  12. Towelhoodies thank you. You are very kind to feature us :) love u, MJ

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