Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Deep Thoughts With Peter and Jude

Can I just say I love blog posts with little kid conversations and observations?  Rosie is particularly good at this, or maybe her kids are just particularly adorable so that's really cheating. 

Anyway, I am here to let mothers of littles know that the hilarity doesn't stop at five, at least around here, where we tend to grow them on the blond side, it lasts well into the teen years. 

Smart lookin' fella, right? Riiiiight. Peter recently attended his JROTC award ceremony where he received recognition for Academic Excellence, Varsity Sports, and winner of the Cadet Challenge push-up competition (99 in 60 secs, give it a try if you think you can do better).

For which achievement he was given a family size package of peanut M and M's, or in the Es House, the candy equivalent to solid gold, and a sighting more rare than Bigfoot (which isn't really all that rare). 

So in typical Peter (doh!) fashion, he blurted out mid-weekend loungetime, "HOW DID I FORGET?! A FAMILY SIZE BAG OF PEANUT M AND M'S!!! IN. MY. BACKPACK!" Bringing all the boys to his yard.

But being Peter, he also generously shared with all the comers.

please ignore the deep cleaning that be a'happening in the background

But of course a certain someone wasn't satisfied. Never is.

So the convo went like this:

Peter: Jude. You've had enough. I earned these. Back off.


Peter: Fine. You can have one and walk away, or we can play rock paper scissors for double or nothing.

Jude: Double or nothing.

Peter: Rock. Paper. Sci...


Which ended in Jude stuffing half of the remainding in his mouth during a wild chase through the house, ending with a hold down tackle by Peter and Obi, and owing Peter a new bag.

But both being...challenged?...they are the best of friends, as evidenced by a recent car conversation during which I remained completely silent and utterly mortified.

Jude (staring mindlessly out the window): Peter. (prolonged silence and staring) How could They invent cars?

Peter: I know! Crazy.

Jude: I just don't understand how someone sat there and just thought that and then made it. 

Peter:  I know. Crazy.


Peter: I don't even understand how They made electricity, really. I don't understand how They made anything.

Jude: I have no idea.

Peter: It's just the same thing as magic to me. It's just like magic. No different.

Jude: (prolonged silence and staring) Me too.

Peter: But I can't wait 'til They make hoverboards. That will be awesome.

Jude: Yeah, that's gonna be awesome. I can't wait.

*Whoever "They" are, take note. My sons are truly impressed. And get with that hoverboard thing, will ya?*


  1. Public School?

  2. Great great conversations.
    AND congrats to the peanut M&M winner. I think I can do 10 like an hour.

  3. 99 PUSHUPS IN 60 SECONDS???

    I was the sit-up champion in grade school, but let's be honest - that's not *real* exercise. THAT IS SO MANY PUSHUPS!!! I'm going to start training John Paul now...

    And that is a doozy of a conversation between the boys - kindred spirits, they are!

  4. Ha...I love it. That magical "they." I can't wait until "they" invent self-cleaning houses. I would take that over hoverboards...although hoverboards sounds pretty cool as well.

  5. Wow! One son who can build a bicycle blindfolded and no handed, another who looks snazzy in a uniform and can out push-up the best of them, another an artistic dreamer and comedic genius... I'm so excited to see how the fourth boy turns out!

    1. Artistic dreamer, hmmm, I might have used other descriptive phrases

  6. You breed not children, but Greek gods.

  7. Bahahahaha!!! I had to reread the last part multiple times because 99 push ups in 60 seconds just kept slamming into my brain, interfering with coherent thought, at which time I would have to scroll back up to verify that was indeed what it said, then resume my reading. It was a long tedious process but completely worth it because I sprayed water through my nose at the "magic" comment.

  8. We have the same wonderments! I tell ya if the grid goes down...I can't even comprehend a battery lighting a light bulb - total magic. So sometime (not on here, no pressure!) I want an explanation of this Jr. ROTC thing!? So cool! Had no idea and I still keep scrolling up to see this picture of Peter in military getup (of course he looks like a million bucks.)


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