Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Altoids Grill: Just a Little Bite

"I need to MAKE something!" Joseph whined to Obi last Saturday night. He is a restless spirit whose hands need to be as busy as his curious, always a million different plots going on mind. What he was really thinking about was a catapult, but there was some thingamabobber or other that he couldn't find in Obi's tools he had already dismantled. 

Running out of patience with the evil genius, Obi put him out of the garage to wander and whine elsewhere. Out front the brothers were gathered around a friend's truck. Plotting something far more dangerous than a catapult, no doubt. But as Joseph finagled his way into the front seat, he found an empty Altoids Small metal box, and his evening was set. Back out to the garage!

A tutorial for an Altoids grill had been milling about in that hamster wheel of his, he just lacked the container. The tutorial he had read was far more complicated than the above masterpiece: beginning with a larger box, using the lid as a butane tank, craziness. He invented this one himself with that inspiration. Using Obi's precious tools, he cut some old chicken wire to fit over the bottom of the box, first filling the small space with a bit of paper towel and some charcoal. Voila, grill!  For just a small bite.

After another series of epic whines (his specialty)my little chef connived me out of a couple pieces of pork for his cookout.

Squirted a bit of butane to get it going, let the charcoal warm up, and he was cooking.

Much to everyone's delight.

How did it taste? Minty!

And yes, that darling little whining inventor of a boy did share.

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