Thursday, February 21, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} : BFFs

Once again, capturing the contentment with Like Mother Like Daughter.


Pretty is the friendship that is blossoming between these two.

Youngest of six, they are three years apart, 5 and 2. Since I gradually stopped homeschooling, they have found themselves alone together in this great big house, which has afforded them time to develop a particularly happy and mutually rewarding alliance.

Isaac is still in the caveman evolutionary stage in terms of speech, but somehow they commune on a level that no one else fathoms. Hours they spend together, alternately rough-housing and quietly building an imaginary world all their own.


Happy is how I feel to see itty bitty Momo being a real big sister. Isaac fawns on her like she is the strongest fireball of a super hero that ever was. Happily, he follows wherever she leads and looks to her for inspiration for what is The Thing to be doing. Which takes a lot of pressure off of his previous maid-of-all tasks, Mama.


Funny is the fact that Isaac has decided that life cannot proceed as usual without his beloved sister. He won't eat breakfast without her, he pulls that impish security blanket of a sister out of slumbering sweetness before having so much as a Cheerio. 

His idolatry goes even further than that, in that he won't accept a treat unless he can bring one to Momo (wonder how long that will last!)


Real is my worry for the future. So hard to concentrate on the happiness that this relationship brings when I am letting myself worry that it won't always be so. What freshman girl has a sixth grade boy for her bff?

But that worry can wait for another day. Right now, their friendship is a gift to me, and to them, a place of peaceful enchantment amidst the wilder landscape of our big, rowdy family.


  1. Those photos are so cool! My daughter loved them! Sounds like your littlest have a very special bond :)

  2. Okay - I have to admit this, I could barely read your post because I was so distracted by the awesome photos of your kids. The effect is so cool, I love it!!

  3. Well they're the same size now too! That will change shortly.

  4. So beautiful. What a sweet friendship! And I love your comforter.

    (And I bet they'll be good friends when they're older.)

  5. Rebekah, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. My kids are 3 years apart and sometimes I feel like my heart will burst from seeing how much they love each other. Like you, I try to treasure it now because I know they won't always enjoy each other's company this much.


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