Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance Doomsday {P, H, F, R}

So glad to have the incentive to take a look at life from this perspective, I'm joining in on {pretty, happy, funny, real} with Like Mother, Like Daughter



The kids' school had a daddy daughter dance last week occasioning excitement of massive proportions, basically prom for those in the single digits, except their dates are handsome, mature and proud instead of awkward and pimply. 


Dance party on the sidewalk whilst waiting for the date to arrive.


i don't wear pants often, but when I do, they're luvs
Definitely didn't want them to have all the fun. Isaac honestly can't understand why anyone would want to participate in anything that doesn't involve fward fights. I concur.


As for the dance? Little bit o' the sweet, lot a bit o' the bitter. It was good for Obi to see that the girls had made so many friends this year (this is both of their first time at school, previously having been homeschooled.) And both girls boogied without the least bit of shyness all night with sweet little groups of sweet little girls.

But as seems to be the new normal for us, tales of woe were mixed heavily with all the honey. News of several families we know falling apart: one dad leaving without explanation, one mom telling the dad to move on, leaving him confused and helplessly incapable of holding on to the family he thought he had. "I never cheated, I was always a good guy, I don't understand." These stories hit Obi so hard, he has always listened to others' narratives with his whole heart, which I guess to be the main reason others are always so willing to share with him. But it hits him hard. "I'm a religious guy, and I believe this world is under attack," was all he could offer the heartbroken daddy. He agreed. We don't know their stories, as Tolstoy put it, "every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." But it sure sucks, to use the vulgate.

St. Michael the archangel, defend us in battle...

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  1. So, so sad.

    On another note, girls go to convent until they're 35? At least? So cute, seriously, with Obi...


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