Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sick Day - Sick Month

Phineas and Ferb is great medicine.

I don't want to blame anyone...but facts are facts. A few days before Christmas I got a text from my lovely and talented sis-in-law Missy who lives in the great winter wonderland of Michigan, asking if we tended to stay well during the winter months, or fall prey to repeated sicknesses like the rest of the country. I think I responded smugly that, "Yeah, we are all just soaking in sun drenched happiness here with nary a runny nose or even a cold sore in sight. Sorry for your bad weather up there!" 

And just like that, KABOOM!  Or should I say KACOUGH! We have not had a single day of complete health for the Family Es since that text was sent. Since before Christmas. 

With eight of us, and from what I can figure, three different sicknesses, someone has been sick every single day for a month now. I kept AnneMarie home yesterday and today with her third run of fever. The doctor and his boat payment love us. And the pharmacy, and Kleenex Co. 

On the bright side, Isaac is loving it. AnneMarie totally excels at creative use of the beanbag. 

And a major benefit of the move is that we rediscovered one of our most prized possessions: our Popeye Snuggie. Really. Absolutely perfect for two small children aloft a double stacked beanbag sculpture while watching Phineas and Ferb.

That Momo look of perfect concentration shared by
Obi and Joseph. Why can't I get that look?

Meanwhile, Momo sensed a "stay at home free card" yesterday when AnneMarie's fever spiked and woke up yesterday morning with a "sore throat." Hmmm...  So she spent her day doing this. What? I don't actually know what she was doing, other than experimenting with stripes and polka dots, she made an amazing cardboard castle than never really worked out to her satisfaction!!!

Fortunately for Momo, AnneMarie also excels in the art of Blanket Fort. That's not a mess, that's a masterpiece.

Happy girl, too bad about the, uh, sore throat thing. 

This morning Naomi was banished from the realm of stay-at-home fun as no physical evidence of her ailment could be detected, leaving Isaac and AnneMarie up to their own devices. 

When Isaac was asked what he would like to do today he responded with a shrug, "I don't know, shoot zombies."

This post sponsored by the "Don't Potty Train your Toddler"
Movement and by Luvs, size 5

Sounds good.  Maybe I'll even get him dressed after they are all dead, or wait, they are already dead. Wounded? I don't know zombie-duplo rules. 

And as the pictures attest, yes, we are still moving in. What does that even mean? We live here. From what I can tell we will be moving in for the rest of our lives, just moving in and shooting zombies and fighting sicknesses. 


  1. Ohhh my friend...
    We had a winter like that last year...doctors, snotty noises, fevers, puke buckets, Lysol...
    Prayers for the immediate banishment of the sick bug in your home.

    Love visiting with you...your writing always inspires me. : )

  2. Bummer, hope the germs pass soon. On the upside, those truly are awesome creations with the beanbag stack and blanket fort!

  3. A month is long enough! Sickness be gone!

    But on the plus side - your house (what I can see of it anyway) is gorgeous!!!!

  4. Sympathy about the all month sickies!
    Major props to AnneMarie for her creations and aiding her brother in fighting zombies while fighting a fever; warrior princess indeed!!

  5. Man...I hate those long months where it seems like someone is alway sick! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  6. I hate that everyone is feeling blah! We've been discussing the whole 'sick' thing at our house. The flu has been so bad in our area and people have been getting very, very ill. It is like a pass/fail when someone discusses it too - and I hate that. You don't fail some universal test because you got sick, nor do you pass because you didn't. Some years are just worse than others! Prayers for all of you, my friend - I hope everyone is on the mend soon!

  7. Yuck, we are just finishing up a diagnosis of strep for 7 out of 8 of us. It's always the wily ones that go unscathed. Feel better soon!!!

  8. Us, too. Respiratory/stomach issues have been rampant here and yes, it's been 80 degrees and sunny pretty much every day since Dec 1.

    I love Momo. I'm sorry she lied, but really, when life looks that good at home? Yeah, I think I may have pulled that once or twice in my young life, too.

  9. Oh no, not Murphy's Law coming into play, so sorry....and only after that text was I on Craig's list looking for a spring break escape in your neck of the woods or maybe even a house to move into and out of this barren midwest winter for good.


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