Saturday, January 11, 2014

Seven Quick Phone Takes

Joining Jen from my phone for some quick takes while waiting in the school parking lot for the girls to come out, while Isaac naps sweatily. 


The move went this weekend. That's all I would like to say, no adverbs necessary. We still have a few miscellaneous piles at the Beach House (read: a bunch of junk we don't actually care about but for some reason still feel obliged to possess) that are lingering in  joyful anticipation of someday joining the junk we actually care about. 

Oh geez, now I feel sorry for that left behind junk. Sit tight middle school yearbooks and 1950's waffle iron, I'm coming to get you!!!

Obi with the last UHaul load.
Perhaps not his best look.


The kids were helpful with the move as per usual. Obi and I probably yelled at them encouragingly a little too much, woe is them. But not one of the six of them even mentioned that we not only spoiled their summer vacation with a move, but also their winter break. 

Oh geez, now I'm feeling sorry for my kids! This is a horrible quick takes!

Jude at his most helpful moment.


We traded the Gulf of Mexico for a pool and the greatest disappointment so far is that we were working too hard and then it was too cold (I'm talking high 60's people!) to swim yet. Woe, woe is my children!

Woe is Isaac.


The new house backs up to some tennis courts and the greatest treat is that every day we find new (free!!!) balls in our yard. Isaac gets so excited and I'm telling you, it's like an Easter egg hunt every day around here!


And did you see that this yard has the most ginormous leaves known to mankind! They have already had a thrill playing slave and fanning  each other with them. What, that's normal.


On the trouble in paradise front, our bathroom is stinking to high heaven from what I thought was a stray poopie diaper hidden behind the moving boxes. Wrong. All boxes cleared, stench stronger than ever, dead animal in the attic. That just happens to be in the only, tiny, inaccessible portion if the attic. Looks like we are going to have to cut out the drywall in the ceiling to get to the rotting corpse and replace everything therein it touched. 

Which sounds like good weekend plans, I dare you to come up with better!


  1. This is a great quick takes! I love the photos. And yes..playing slave is totally normal!

    You guys are totally genius for planning your moves during summer and winter vacations. If I had a bunch of strapping teenage lads around, I would totally do the same.

  2. Ha, my kids were just "playing slave" yesterday!! What is wrong with these kids? I'm not sure whether I should deem it offensive or call it a hands-on lesson in history and empathy... I'll go with the latter :) Good luck with the rest of moving!

  3. So glad the move is behind you, my friend.
    And you know I live vicariously through you, right? : )

  4. All I want to know is if each boy is going to have his own underwear drawer ;)

    But seriously, so glad the move is (mostly) done! Hope you all settle into your place nicely!

  5. Good luck settling in and getting the stench out of the attic. Yuck! I'm sure when the weather warms up, we'll be seeing a lot of pool pictures. Congrats on the new home!

  6. Congrats on the successful move! (Although I'm still gagging at the thought of the stinking corpse. Ugh.)

  7. That backyard, although it doesn't compare to the Gulf, looks dreamy! So happy to hear it went well.

  8. So when can I schedule a visit??? The house, I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos. Sorry, I do not feel one bit sorry for your great kids because their GREAT parents took them to a beach house for the Summer and this winter they get a home with a pool!

    Truly rotten about the corpse, sorry about that and I hope it is all taken care of swiftly and easily, so you can get to enjoying you new home!

  9. Jude and Isaac are you two biggest helpers.


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