Monday, April 8, 2013


Isaac the Terrible

Left unattended in the garden, Isaac created this work of modern art, truly set up like a performance piece. You have got to admire his eye, really, and if he could annunciate better than Wily Coyote, I do believe he wanted to call this "Planting Tomatoes Was a Wild Success."

Isaac finagled his way into the bath just as I was getting out to soak up my used luke-warm water fun, when I heard my phone ring in the other room. Now I know what you are thinking, never leave a baby unattended in the bath, and you are so right. Left the room, seized my phone, and came back to this: 

I had left them on the side of the bath and within seconds, Isaac fulfilled his life long ambition of completely destroying my only glasses beyond all hope of repair. Coastal! Here I come!

Soccer Girl

Star player number 41 My Girl Es bends it like Beckham!

And the final score? 7-1 ish. I think I lost count, but for shore we scored that one because all us tired parents aroused ourselves from folding chair sedation to clap wildly for the mass mob that got the ball in that one time. 

Sadly, got a text from the adorable, high spirited coach-mom after the game that she was resigning, and finding a replacement that can take the team in "a better direction." Not on the inside of this group, I so so so certainly hope there was no mean parent talk that caused this sad outcome. This mom has been coaching her son's team for four years now. Fill in this space with your own commentary on that, because mine involves words that are better left unsaid. 

On the brighter side, AnneMarie did want me to curl her pony tail for the game, which honestly took me 20 minutes because I am not a carrier of the curing iron gene, and as you can see, it was a wild success, akin to planting tomatoes.

Believe it or not or whatever

Obi braved the mad jungle that is I-Drive in Orlando on a Saturday afternoon to fulfill Joseph's dream of visiting Ripley's Believe it or Not. Believe it or not, none of my children have ever dreamed of just sitting still for 20 seconds. 

My bonny boys posing with a hideous two headed freak of a pig that has to live out its earthly material eternity being gawked at by Orlando tourists who are just begging to give their money away to whomever claims to possess what is loosely referred to around here as an "attraction."

Don't know what this one is, but Joseph is a cutie.

Pool Cool

It was finally hot enough to take my babies to the pool, but of course not hot enough for me to get more than my big toe wet. Every Isaac should have an AnneMarie. Nuff said.

Why does Momo insist on looking like she is photo-bombing pictures she is the subject of?

These beauties are in their fullness every where you look at the moment. No complaints from me!

So wanted to capture the lazy feeling of leaving the pool behind with the kids crowding into the van, the flowers begging you to stop and smell them one last time...but it just kinda looks like an off center pic of a hillbilly baby escaping from Schrute Farm.


If there is one thing the Family Es takes seriously (which there isn't) it is pizza. Obi has spent ages perfecting just the right dough recipe, experimenting with sauces, toppings, temperatures.

But this here: Publix dough, Publix sauce, Publix mozz. Sooooo good. Because it was pizza.

And paired amazingly with this latest discovery, which of course was only because it was bogo at Publix. Anyway, the vineyard is only about an hour from here and I feel a date day coming on. Bordering on the Manischewitz side, it makes up for its sweetness by tasting fresh, sunny and ripe. I hereby retire as wine critic.

Don ahs me why dis bahdull was fotuhgraft empy. Me no know. 

Mass Exodus and the Juvenile Delinquents

And this is why is takes us so incredibly long to leave Mass:


I would be so privileged to share a picture of this next story with the world, but I was thankfully miles away. Peter and Jude hot-footed it down to a festival in downtown Orlando after Mass and played music for money. No, not hired to, just sat there with hats in front of them and what not. Peter had a cedar flute and Jude his guitar. Which is just, well, so Peter and Jude because Peter had never touched the flute before Saturday, and Jude gave up guitar three years ago. They still raked in nine bucks in forty minutes, but I think that had more to do with their blue eyes and homeless looking shoes than any talent. And perhaps Divine Mercy Sunday miracle in the mix.

Me me me me me

Don't worry my Web Log, I was around this weekend too with my ongoing hair situation and my under eye luggage. I am drafting a post as I look at this with the title "How to get the 'just out of bed look' in zero steps." Watch for it.

In other me news, my love affair with my Kindle continues, and in my head I have some desultory thoughts on Phantastes and Silver Linings Playbook running around, but they both have a way of inducing insanity, so any typed translation of my impressions is coming along rather slowly. 

However!!! I did start The Movie Goer this weekend and within the first few pages I could feel my eyes widening ever further and my brain doing  a loopedy loop "I have fallen in love with literature all over again" kinda thing. But I am still just barely into it, and have never even read the briefest synopsis or Amazon review of this treasure, so please no spoilers and let me find out for myself if I am going to fall out of love as quickly as I fell into it.  

Obi Gone Kenobi

Yes, my beautiful baby daddy left on a business trip Sunday evening for days and days including my birthday (for the second year in a row) (but who is counting) (me.)

And as I finish typing I realize this is the first extended trip he has gone on since Rover and his terrifying, but comforting bark passed on to the fields of Heaven. This coming week just got a little longer.

How was your weekend? 


  1. Awesome pics! I love the one of leaving the pool. It's those little memories that can get lost without photos like that. If we come to Orlando this year, I hope I get to hear Peter and Jude playing music on the street. I'm sure my coin-obsessed kid (she literally walks the mall with her head to the ground looking for money) would give them a few cents ;)

  2. Love the updates, cannot help but laugh and laugh...your writing appeals to my own sense of humor as well as ringing pretty true to how things roll around here!
    I have a professional photo bomber in my 8 year old daughter, so much so that she also can't understand the difference between 'pose' and 'bomb'.

  3. I cannot believe that P and J did that. SO cool. I have tried to get our girls to do the street performer thing for years, and their only answer - no, no, NO!!! Gardening, baths, soccer, swimming, Ripley's freak show, wine 'n pizza...sounds like a perfect weekend. Except saying goodbye to Obi, blah for that.

  4. LOVE the image of the boys playing music for money - I imagine they rocked such hits as "Hot Cross Buns" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" with great gusto :P


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