Monday, April 1, 2013

Extra Special Easter Monday Edition

Just kidding, just more of the same, me and my kids blah blah blah...

Would absolutely love to share with you WHAT Jude was doing at this moment, but my mind has mercifully forgotten. 

Saturday's vigil really was breathtaking, as it should be. We do our own specially catered family prayer services for Holy Thursday and Good Friday, so it feels good to make it to the vigil, outside of our Domestic Church. The darkness, the candles, the incense, the readings of the history of our salvation, the Alleluia and the light, all leading to the Catechumens' entrance into our family, whose souls are visibly burning for that first reception of those sacraments we all take for granted week after week.

Would love to give you a run down of what is wrong with every single one, but I believe you all have eyes, so.

But it was looong. And Naomi cried pretty regularly, and Obi spent a great deal of time outside with the bums in the doorways of the closed shops, walking the crazy out of Isaac. Jesus didn't seem to mind.

Leaving the Cathedral at around 10:30, we drove directly through the downtown Orlando bar scene, literally just a block away. We are usually making this trek at quiet Sunday noontime, and have often stopped for lunch in the heart of this for Jimmy Johns or Pita Pit, virtually abandoned at that time, other than the remnants of plastic cups and the usual homeless crew. 

And Peter and Jude's eyes? They were W I D E. Their sweet little boy mouths couldn't help but go on and on with their pointer fingers ever ready to indicate exactly which bouncers they could get by. By my mom count, none.

And please, excuse my heathen ways if I say one of the greatest gifts of the Easter Vigil is no Mass on Sunday. Which makes lots of time for eating lots of chocolate in pajamas, and then whole lots of this...

Happy Easter!


  1. Your family is so beautiful!!

    It was a gorgeous day yesterday..perfect for the beach, it looks like!!

    Happy Easter

  2. Ahhhhh, so beautiful!!! Your church, your family, and the beach!

    1. St. James Cathedral, Orlando. One of the most beautiful churches I have been to in the U.S.

  3. I'll just recycle my same comment over and over - just beautiful!! Love your dress, and the simple, understated ponytail looks gorgeous on you. The beach!! Was it Clearwater area perchance? Or the Atlantic side? We spent the day eating until sick...the usual gluttony. Happy Easter week, m'dear!

    1. Indialantic, actually. On the East Coast just south of Cocoa.

  4. Your family is beautiful!! Beautiful. I love this post.

  5. Testing my own comments, ignore..


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