Thursday, December 19, 2013

Momo: Dreaming Theme Thursday

It's Theme Thursday with Clan Donaldson, Dreaming!

In the early morning hours Momo crept into our bed, scared out of her own by a bad dream. I asked her what it was all about and it turns out her personality is just as cute in her nightmares.

I took these of her waking up this morning, much happier:

Me: What was your bad dream about?

Momo: Monsters. Sometimes there are bad unicorns that act nice but they are really mean. They don't give you any wishes. They are black unicorns.

Me: What do you wish for?

Momo: I wish for a mansion that is twelve stories that is a house where I would live. And I wish for no more monsters. 

Me: What does he do when you tell him your wish?

Momo: He just laughs and goes away and then I wake up.

...And that's when she comes in our bed. To flee the horrible black unicorn that listens to your wishes and laughs in your face. I have to admit I'm glad he didn't grant her the twelve story mansion. 


  1. Love this, my friend...
    And I'm happy she finds safety in the comfort of your bed.
    My little Flynn does the same.
    She fears the deer that hang in Steve's den...

  2. Sorry for the bad dream but what lovely images.

  3. Your favorite window as a background! I die with the lighting in that room. Die a beautiful golden death.

    Momo herself is breathtaking too. The middle shot is my favorite of her face, but they're all gorgeous.

  4. Oh my gosh- doesn't she just sum up the human condition? To open yourself up, to be vulnerable and reveal your deepest wishes to another, only to have them laugh at you and then abandon you? My deeply insecure, extroverted little soul quakes at that, and completely understands why you'd need to follow up something like that with the comfort and acceptance of your parents' bed.

  5. Wow, deep dream Momo. I love listening to my kids dreams, sometimes they are so endearing and sometimes they give me nightmares!
    Your photos are so soft and dreamy, lovely.

  6. She is beautiful! And, black unicorns that laugh about wishes are scary indeed!


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