Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All I Want For Christmas is Some Polo Swag and Some Cold Hard Cash

Suffering from pre-holiday brain melt, but still want to log some of our daily life, ever changing, ever exhausting. So...I'm doing a double blog link-up: Martin Family Moment's "Christmas Wish Lists", and Rosie's ever hilarious "What They Said" wherein Rosie diligently records the massively phenomenal things her brilliant children come up with (lots of poop jokes.) I think my kids' small lists are so funny and tell so much about their personalities. [On a side note, please say a prayer for Rosie and her family whose father passed away last week.]

Let us begin...

[Photos taken during our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, look in vain for Jude, he opted out this year, frowny face.]


All I want, at all. Is forty pairs of my own underwear. Forty pairs, no more, no less. Of my own underwear that no one else can use under any circumstances. That's it, that's what I want.

(Mom's note: Peter and Jude do share clothes but have previously drawn the line on underwear. Before the move and the tiny washer in the beach house, this hasn't been a problem, and everybody had their own clean underwear. I now constantly have large stacks of unwashed clothes, which leads to panicked, searching moments in the morning, and horror of horror, shared underwear.)


I want Santa to bring me Polo swag and cold hard cash. 

(Our resident non-materialist, obviously.)


(Imagine tears running down his adorable baby-faced cheeks, and agonized gasping breaths as he cries this.)

I don't know what I want!!! I don't know yet!!! I'm still deciding!!! Don't make me decide, I'll just change my mind!!!


I want an MP3 player so I can listen to my own music when I am working, cleaning and running. This house is too loud!


 What I want for Christmas is a new bike because my old one rusted all away, and a pony that we can keep in the yard. Do you think I'll get a pony? Can I really have a pony? I mean my own pony that I would own.


Me: Isaac, what do you want for Christmas?
Isaac: Nuffing
Me: Do you want a present for Christmas?
Isaac: I want for Christmas...a present!
Me: Good deal.


  1. Precious, every single one of them.

  2. They're way too cute!!! We are blessedly still at the stage where the kids are happy with whatever we get them for Christmas, but I think next year might be the year that they actually have expectations...

  3. Smiling here, my friend! : )
    Loved it all!

  4. I live in fear of the day when the boys realize that personal underwear is something to be desired. Right now, we have a bin in one of the boys' closets, where aaaaalllll the skivvies get tossed. Hopefully, by the time they develop delicate sensibilities about undergarments, they'll be old enough to wash their own.

    I also would like a pony. If you're taking orders for them.

    1. When I buy a pony for Momo, I will buy one for you as well, and I will get to name them. Billy and Blaze, thank you very much.

    2. If your taking orders for ponies, I want a Palomino.

    3. Okay, we have Billy, Blaze, and your horse, I dub Trigger.

    4. Mikes dad had a horse named Miss Silver Joy and she had one green eye and one blue eye.

    5. Mike's dad. To can play this game. Too? Tu? Two? I dunno.

    6. I'm too? To? Two? Lazy to do apostrophes and my iPad doesn't have Mike's in autocorrect.

  5. Your getting her the pony right? I mean what beach house would be complete without a pony in the yard!!! I love that request by your older boys, it sounds like my house. They fuss about socks in addition to underwear, CRAZY!

    1. You know, the first thing Peter bought with his paycheck was his own personal socks. Pretty exciting, I know.

  6. I think you could totally keep a pony right on the can graze on the sea oats and Momo can gallop down the beach. It needs to be a white pony though.....only white ponies belong on the beach

  7. They are all great but I love Anne Marie's ~ I do imagine that your house is occasionally very loud.

  8. Hey there!

    Love the shots! Did not have time to read through the entire post, but will come back this weekend! Looks intriguing!

    Juts wanted to stop by and let you know that you were a winner in the giveaway...I posted it on the blog today. So when you have a min, shoot me your address and I'll get it out.Congrats!! :)

  9. I love these. When asked what my kids want for Christmas, they reply, "We don't want to make a list! We want to be suprised!" That makes Santa's job very difficult!

  10. Beach Turkey Trot - awesome! I ran (walked/ran) my first 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Huge belly and all. Embarrassing, but exhilarating at the same time. As for Billy and Blaze, it is my dream life. Actually that was my childhood, and it was a dream. Minus all the adventures like forest fires and mountain lions, lost quarries and storms...

    So I hope Momo gets her pony someday, and Jude his cologne, Peter his underwear, AnneMarie her ipod, Joseph will start his million dollar business sometime soon, and Isaac will keep on being cute!

  11. I know what I'm getting my godson for Christmas! I asked you, and you never answered!


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