Monday, October 28, 2013

Smiley Faces

Yesterday our priest gave a pretty inspiring homily based on some pretty inspiring readings

"Remember, all you have is a gift! All you are and all you have has been freely given! And make no mistake, you grumblers," he pleaded with the congregation, "You are blessed!" 

And so goes the assigned Responsorial Psalm, "I will bless the Lord at all times, may his praise be ever in my mouth!"

Amen, Amen, Amen!  We are a stubborn people and in need of constant reminding. So, here is...

...Just some stuff that's been making us happy lately...

Momo pointing to the deep rut the ray dug on the shore, it was that big!

AnneMarie's brilliant imitation, love the cheeks!

Obi was down at the beach with the kids the other day when I saw all this commotion surrounding a group of fishermen. I went down just in time to hear they had just let a giant stingray off his hook. Safe waters. The kids claimed it was as large as any they had seen in an aquarium, so beautiful to have seen in the wild, and it escaped unharmed. 

Isaac in his standard issued uniform

We have a special place in our hearts for the moon and its movements. I must say this fall has brought us the most beautiful moonscapes we have ever seen, this was taken on our front couch.

Joseph on the horn with his peeps

I'm not going to tell you what Joseph is going to be for Halloween, but he's pretty excited about it. 

Something else The Family Es is partial to is street art of any kind. We love this guy. He works the Town Square in our tiny town. Always out there in the blazing sun in his silver get-up. He changes his bit all the time, sometimes he has a crazy stationary bike, or a crazy mouth whistle, but he's always silver and he always smiles.

He's just so dang cute!

Don't you want to throw him a fiver!

Hard to see above, but when we looked in his suitcase this last time we saw this sweet plea: "Help me marry my mermaid, she said yes!" And then her pretty picture. There are a few mermaid shows around here. So fascinating, we humans. 

And finally...

In the most exciting news here, it has finally cooled down a little. A very little. In that we can open the windows at night. You have no idea of the relief. 

AnneMarie, in a slight exaggeration, trying to see her breath. It was about 68 degrees that morning. It's all relative. 

So...what's been making you smile lateley?


  1. My two year old who takes 4 hour naps on the weekends. :)

  2. Visiting bloggy friends who share my love of home and family. And you getting some fall-ish weather. And my coffee.

  3. The colors in the picture of Momo pointing are STUNNING!!! How cool it must be for your kids to grow up on the beach. My smile is from sitting in an almost clean house. The likes of which I haven't seen in a year. Thanks to giving up facebook! Things are looking up :)

  4. That last picture of AnneMarie totally made me smile...I well remember those cold winter mornings of 68 degrees, winter coats, pants and bare feet. Only in Florida! I love it!

  5. Wow, I'm loving the street artist! I really enjoyed all your photos, and you know what? You made me smile too, they are contagious especially through wonderful blog posts that spread good cheer!
    I can't wait to find out about the Halloween costumes - the hint is too much!

  6. I love you have big kids who dress up for halloween..made me smile!

  7. Where do I start, Amen, I know I am truley blessed every day. I am blessed with you posting this blog. I absolutely love and enjoy it. It makes me very happy. The pictures of everyone on the beach, the beautiful photo of Isaac and the moon sky. The photo and comments of Joseph made us both laugh. And of course, AnneMarie trying to see her breath in 68 degree weather. You have such insight and sense of humor. Thank you

  8. I thought Silverman was Peter or Jude at first!

  9. Pumpkin carving with my kids makes me smile. My kids laughing and joking together (if only for a few minutes before the bickering starts) makes me smile. And heading to a get together with a bunch of my stay-at-home mom friends makes me smile. So many lovely little things are around if we just stop and take the time to look for them!

  10. Oh yes, I certainly needed to hear that homily on Sunday. Anne Marie cracks me up in this post! Silver man is so so cool. Isn't street art just so fascinating?

  11. Did Joseph find that suit in the trash. One man's trash...


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