Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Search of W

Linking up with the Clan for Theme Thursday: W! What the what? Have I used that expression before, apologies. 

When I saw this on the list, I was so excited in an artsy-Sesame Street kinda way. But then when I and my literate children actually looked for some interesting W formation, we were stumped. 

But then they decided to demolish the house two doors down.

Pretty little 50s? house. So cute and sweet on its little sand dune. We got a flier in the mail from a real estate agent last week, just last week, stating he had sold the property for nearly 3 milyun bucks! That's in real American dollars. Just a little concrete block fifties house. Why?

Oh,this is it's front yard. 150 feet of white sand Gulf. Bye bye 50s house, the economy thinks it's back.

Looking up to the house from the beach, it has this cute little tiki hut. The kids have always been afraid to use this hut as a hideout because we didn't know who owned the house. They will be afraid no more, because there is no house. 

Above is the beautiful faux stone porch I have admired since we moved here. Undoubtedly the scene of many, many years of memories of the good kind. The owners of those memories will never again feel their bare sandy feet against those slabs, their legs wet with salt water, backs burnt, eyes smiling at their siblings and mouths watering as their mama enters from the kitchen with a sweaty pitcher of lemonade. To get all sentimental.

 No more! Alas it is no more!

So me and the littluns were sure we would find some kind of W formation in all this rubble. Look at all that rebar! Not a W to be seen!

The scary snort at rest

But then I saw this! Sad old shuffle board court, never to be played again. 

Doesn't it look forsaken and forlorn? 

My babies pay tribute to the generations of ghosts that shuffled there.

And we found this! The scary snort had just barely nipped the edge of the board, creating...a W! 

Don't you see it? 

You have no imagination. 


That's a W. A little, lower case, kinda sweeping one. It is. 

I think is stands for Wrecked. Or as Isaac would say Wuined.


  1. First off I love that you call it a snort. I for sure do. And my Husband doesn't get it. I just think that reflects badly on his childhood book selections. Second, I love that tiki hut. Third... what a wonderful found w in a post full of the 5 "w"s.

  2. Please please please tell me (though not publicly, of course) that Obi snuck over there to salvage some lovely 1950s design treasures. Please. A chunk of square brick porch thing? Some fixtures? Anything?

    I'm experiencing an actual physical response to this house demo. There's something good in that wreckage! I can feel it!

  3. I wonder what will become of the land and if a new home will go up soon. Very exciting to watch. =)

  4. Scary snort!!

    You've posted a wonderful photo essay of nostalgia and destruction, and what do I come away with? SNORT! :-)

    I think we're going to have to read that book today. Maybe there is a W in the illustrations, too.

  5. I see it, I see it!

    Oh, and to think I had this silly idea that I could afford beachfront property in the Gulf if only I could get us there. I guess not?

    Wuined. Just wuined...

  6. Love this! As I always love your writing.

    And your photos.

    Happy weekend, my friend. : )

  7. Wee milywun?? Wow! What wonderful weal estate.

  8. I see a W in that shot of the rebar- if you count the palm tree as the outside angle of the letter. Very Abstract.

    In other news, I LOVE your header.

  9. Lots a pictures to look at! Fun post.

  10. Wow, isn't it amazing what people will pay to tear something down?? I hate to say that I can't see the w in the last picture, but alas, I have enjoyed your photo story and the beautiful water (w) pictures you've provided.


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