Friday, September 20, 2013

Theme Thursday Casualty

Never say I haven't suffered for my art. Yesterday morning I was bouncing around ignoring unschooling Joseph and Jake and the Neverland Pirates addict Isaac, setting up a photo shoot for Theme Thursday: Store, and getting more and more frustrated that I stink at this stuff, and I still haven't gotten my nice camera fixed, when it happened.

Seriously, this is the best pic I got, and excuse the sailor language over here
on the Web Log, but wth is up with that pine cone photo bomb?
Why exactly did I think this display needed more texture/distraction?

Well, the theme is store, and come on, this weekend I went to look at Goodwill for dishes, because I'm such a klutz I have once again broken almost all of them, (really, me and me alone, almost all of them) when I found this beautiful set, actually from Williams and Sonoma, and made in Portugal, and would honestly have cost between $300-$400, for only:

For the whole set! But that's not all, folks, it was half price day! Seriously, how often do you go to Goodwill on a whim, looking specifically for something, find a far better item than you ever, ever could have wished for, and find it's half price!

I think I was feeling a little too lucky, a little too confident, and a little too frustrated that I take such dumb pictures of beautiful things. 

So I was walking past Joseph and spilled my coffee, because I always do. And walking past him again to get a rag, I decided to give him a little tickle, because I always do, but my foot fell right onto the spilled coffee, and my head hit the actual floor. Right on my geek glasses.

And there was lots and lots of blood and gore. The kind gentleman who stitched me up (12 tiny plastic surgeon stitches)said I hit an artery, and the dern glasses went all the way to the bone.

I blame Donaldson and her far fetched themes.

Anyway, come on over for a nice cup of Joe in a beautiful, half priced Goodwill cup. I'm great company!


  1. What?? Now that's a crazy story. Always trying to outdo the rest of us, aren't ya?

  2. OUCH!! Heal well and enjoy your new dishes!!


    1. (and in my family, my hare-brained schemes that go south are always called "Cari's follies". But I've never dragged anyone into a Cari's folly that ended up with blood, gore, and stitches. This is a first. Get well soon.)

  4. I don't know whether to cheer, gasp, or laugh at this. I'm an emotional wreck right now. This very well could have happened to me. I had a nice shiner two weeks ago from an errant bottle of soy sauce leaping at me when I opened a cabinet. Totes jealous of your lovely dishes!

  5. first...I love your dishes. Love.

    Next...OH. MY. GOSH. I can't believe that happened! Sorry!

    Take 'er easy there, friend...ok?

    Now sit down with that coffee today. I will share a cup with ya! : )

  6. Your dishes are beautiful! Totally worth the pain, I'd say!

    I hope you heal quickly.

  7. Oh no!! Of all the things that you'd like to say that future scar will be from I'm guessing slipping on coffee isn't one of them! Those dishes ARE gorgeous though, so there's that?

  8. ouchie..too bad this didnt happen around halloween!

    Heal fast!

  9. You have got to be kidding me. But you aren't. Aside from your poor face, I'm most sorry about those glasses I've been coveting!

    Don't stop blogging! I live vicariously thru Rebekah Es!

  10. Yikes! I was feeling so happy for you about the dishes until I got to the tripping part! Feel better soon.

  11. Oh my goodness!!! Okay, those dishes are awesome and SUCH a steal but the stitches!!! No!!! Hope you're feeling better and that your painkillers aren't strong enough to rule out alcohol as alternate medicine...

  12. Oh my! The dishes are such a great find! I love when it feels perfect, but then, the catch was too painful!
    Hope you are healed up fast!

  13. Wow those dishes are gorgeous!!! Poor you with the stitches though! Prayers for speedy healing!

  14. No way!! Now that's some real story telling. Grab some of Peter's peach wine to sooth. Hope you're starting out today on a new foot. xxo, MJ


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