Friday, September 13, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Doing the Quick Take Thing!


Have you heard this song? Probably not. But you should, so press play and listen to me chat away (there is no video!) I love how it is called "The Gambler."


I got to meet my new Godson-to-be a couple days ago, and he was thrilled to meet me after having lived his entire life without me (one week.)

Please give me back to my mommy now. NOW!

This baby's family has been a part of our lives since the very first week we moved to Florida, back in 2005. After meeting them ONE time they invited us to a Christmas party at their home. We have been best friends ever since, and one of the benefits of moving back to the Gulf Coast is that they are so much closer to us. YEAH FRIENDS!


Mystery: I have a ton, A TON of shirts with holes in the place right at my belly button. 

When I would get new shirts, it could take as little as a few wearings before the tiny holes appeared. I secretly thought it was from opening beer bottles with my shirt, and that I must have a drinking problem so secret even I didn't know about it.

I'm so ashamed


Solved.  Since we moved, I have not found a single new hole! The other day Naomi was remarking that she couldn't reach the kitchen sink at this house, but she could at the old one. Soooo....I think my shirts were being rubbed against my zipper, the shirt would get wet because I'm a slob, and a tiny hole would appear. Here, the counter for the sink is just slightly higher, and therefore doesn't hit my shirt where the zipper is. Take that Porfiry Petrovich!


We finally took the dog in to be spayed. Horrible. She is doing horrible. 

hiding under the tv cabinet with her stuffed wolf

I would like to think she is just a drama queen and milking it for all it's worth, but I think she is really in pain. She is the most lovable and vivacious thing and it just hurts to see her sitting there day all day long. The bonus is that Isaac is sensitive to the fact that she is in pain, and for the first time in her life is showing her a little respect and keeping his hands off of her. Let's hope it lasts after she gets better.


My dear friend Sharna Marcus, whom I will have you know is gorgeously beautiful and always has been, posted this on her Facebook the other day (so I know she wouldn't mind me sharing) and then emailed it to me because I'm not a facebooker:

At my new job, a lot of people have asked me, "When are you expecting?" I had the baby 8 months ago. I am not expecting. I have about 6 more pounds to lose, but I haven't been willing to starve myself or have other poor behaviors or get a tummy tuck. I exercise regularly. The first person to say this to me, I lost it and had to leave a meeting because I cried for 45 minutes. The second time, the crying spell only lasted about 10 minutes. The third time, I made a joke of it, but turned very red and haven't been able to speak to the person again. Today, I just said, "No, I'm not expecting." After a lifetime of weight struggles and serious health issues from those struggles, I really am not going to get upset about it. Tonight there will be no crying. Tomorrow, I won't only eat fruits and vegetables. I won't work out for 2 hours or climb the 17 flights of stairs twice. I won't throw away all of my clothes and wear things that are baggier. I won't wear spanx. I'm just going to be okay with this. From this body, and from the little extra fat, distension, or whatever I'm sporting, emerged the most beautiful gift I have ever received in my life. I can't hate it. I won't hate it. My body is what gave me this gift. And there will be no more body hatred from this woman. And my daughter will not hate her body either, no matter what it looks like. So the next time someone asks me if I'm expecting, I won't embarrass them with my scorn (which I have done), I will say, "Thank you. I was pregnant. I never knew if I would actually have children. And I have one. And I love her very much."
I love Sharna, and love her baby and wish every girl had a mom like her!


Let the Good Times Roll:

How we have fun at The House of Es!


  1. OMG!!!! I have the exact same problem with my shirts!!!!!! I suspected(finally)it may have something to do with my sink...good job, Nancy Drew!!! Thanks for solving one of my life's major dilemmas.

    And your Facebook friend is my hero. For real.

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend.

    P.S. Secretly jealous you got some newborn baby holding in...

  2. Love the song. Beautiful baby...lucky Godmother. Weird, I guess it says something about me that I can honestly say I have never worn a hole in my shirt because I stood at the sink too much. Poor puppy. Your friend ROCKS, I wish I were more like her. and were you not screaming the entire time she was rolling away about the imminent danger of the parked cars?

  3. My husband's motto is "Never ask a woman if she is pregnant unless she is in labor."

    (See why I married him?)

    1. I have a friend who says the same, except "until you can see the baby." Women like me who carry their weight around the middle sure do appreciate this common sense advice.

  4. Very cute God-son-to-be!!
    Lovin your friend's post!!

  5. I love that last quote from your friend! All women should have that attitude!

    Your godson is absolutely adorable!

    You DO have fun at House Es. Rolling in tires..awesome! Now..did she get out and throw up? (I would have!) LOL

  6. Love that song! I don't understand why people think it is ok to ask someone about pregnancy status...

  7. I love your friend's attitude!! It's so easy to fall into the trap of hating our bodies, especially after it's done such a beautiful thing for us!

  8. I always get little holes in my maternity shirts (and also oil stains on the bellies, because somehow I'm more of a slob when pregnant) - it must be the countertops!

  9. Ha! A drinking problem so secret...! HILARE.

    Your future godson is a doll. You and he are both very lucky to have each other.

    That status update made me cry. (Oh, you're surprised? Because I say that for pretty much every post your write.) Your friend rocks. I hope I can change my attitude a bit about that same subject.

  10. Look at that sweet baby, how lovely to get to spend some time with him and I love the story of how you met his family - they sound wonderful but it seems like you must be wonderful since all the friends I read about on your blog are so awesome. Awesome people tend to attract other awesome people!
    The tiny holes had me cracking up *guilty*, then I realized I had the same counter issue at one house and now they are higher so while I constantly feel like a dwarf -no more tiny holes (that and the fact that I actually do love aprons)!

  11. Really like the song . . . . I would add that the tee-shirt hole thing is what comes of buying shirts at Target. ;-)


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