Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Kids Need Recess Like a Knife in the Head

Actually that title doesn't make any sense, but that's what came out when I started typing, and that is actually what happened:

I woke up this morning feeling not well, actually, like there was a knife in my head, but not of the plasticwear variety.  The kids have no school today for Rosh Hoshana, so at least I didn't have to get out of bed to get everybody out the door. 

While I waited in bed for the advil and coffee to kick in, the kids kinda sorta took care of each other, as in they ate cereal and watched some really annoying television. So as soon as I could get up, I sent them outside for RECESS: which is the theme this week over at Cari's!

I could hear them rummaging around under the house and then they came up and asked if we had any spare knives.  

Yeah, sure!

Then they disappeared for awhile again, and came back in with these beauties, some frozen action shots from their upcoming thriller: The Knife Thrower.  By Knife Throwing Productions. I don't exactly know the plot, but I'm pretty sure that somebody attacks people with really heavy duty plasticwear.

You don't really think that is real do you? Gosh, calm down! It's only this invention, of Joseph's of course:

A morning well spent. I will let you know when the movie is done.

But I still have a headache, so as much as I loooove visiting all the Theme Thursdayers, I am probably going to have to sit this one out...

Happy Rosh Hoshana!


  1. I hated this week's theme (Ken picked it) until I saw this post. Now I know that it was the stars aligning to allow you to showcase a dozen pictures of adorable children pretending to have knives in their heads. Best ever.

  2. Once in high school a girl stabbed another girl in the arm with a plastic fork. It was really terrifying in the moment with all the yelling and screaming but years later... oh my gosh I still laugh. "She stabbed me with a fork!" This brought back all those happy memories. They look like they're having a blast. It would be good for Halloween!

  3. Your kids are awesome...seriously! You must have such a fun house!

    And, I hope your headache is better by now, but just in case, I'll say some prayers it goes away (hey, God is outside, time, right!).

  4. That idea is so crazy awesome. Will show this to the teens for sure. Clever clever clever.

  5. I love your kids! You guys must have the best times! I do hope your feeling better!

  6. I love how much fun your kids have together!

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Headaches are...well...a real pain, literally. : )

  7. I couldn't stop giggling at this. I agree with everyone else: this post is the whole reason "Recess" was chosen.

    Is your head better?

  8. No school for Rosh Hoshana? Is there a large Jewish population in Ft. Myers? Love the hilarious things they come up with...and the poor blonde beauty with a plastic knife in her head!! Hope you're all better dearie... (-:


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