Monday, September 16, 2013

Momo: Author of Nihilism II

Original Nihilist take on the world here.

[Editor's note: Naomi told this eerie tale while walking back from the beach through the sea oats the other night, just at dusk. It was so lucky to get her picture taken in the actual event of telling.]

Once upon a time...

There was a witch who wanted to destroy the world.

And so she did.

But first! There were two sisters, Blaomi and BlanneMarie, who knew what she was doing. They said to her,

"We know who you are! You are our aunt and you are a witch, and you are trying to destroy the world, but we are going to stop you!"

But the witch said,

"No you won't, little girls, haaa haaa haaa!

"I will take a hair from each of your heads and find a spell that will kill you, then no one will ever be able to stop me!"

The two sisters tried to stop her from getting a strand of their hair, but they couldn't.

The witch took their hair and used it to make a spell that killed  them.

And so the sisters died.

Then there was no one to stop the witch, and so...

She destroyed the world!

me not b'lieve it


  1. Wowzers! Not sure I'd put her in charge of bedtime stories anytime soon but she could dominate at a round of campfire ghost stories or Halloween eve! My mom told stories like this when I was a kid and all my friends were on pins and needles waiting for the next ghost story sesh!

  2. I love fairy tales so, so much. And I love that Momo has clearly got the language of them down. She understands the secret symbols. She knows that bodies have importance, and even something as small as a hair on your head can be used to stand in for the whole. She knows that to be brave and to fail is better than to fearful and live, particularly in the face of grave evil. Momo's got herself a firm grip on the true stories.

  3. Love her stories!! They are just like the stories my daughter tells! And, I love how she has such a captive audience. Someday I'm going to look for stories written by her!

  4. I'm just wondering which Aunt she offended...

  5. I was totally caught up in this story. So cool how you captured it!

  6. Hopefully it was aunt Blissy or Blercy. Never aunt Blannie


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