Thursday, August 29, 2013

Theme Thursday: Shadows, or Really Shade! Or Really, Our Totally Kick-Ass Tree House

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Joining Cari and all the others who enjoy sticking to the theme for Theme Thursday: Shadows!

Which is a perfect opportunity to brag about our Totally Kick-Ass Tree House, which is also probably the World's Most Unsafe Tree House, Don't Let Your Kids Play Here! (Choose your own title!)

So part of what attracted us to this rental house is this extraordinary clump of just about the most magical trees you have ever seen ever. Hyperbole not necessary. I believed them to be banyans, which grow in this mysterious, climbing, clinging, gripping, spiralling, entertwining manner that does not let your brain NOT think of poems and metaphors, but a neighbor said they were actually overgrown ficus trees, you know the pretty little tame ones that are in living rooms and church vestibules? Well, both the banyan and ficus belong to the fig family, so whatever they are, they are magnificent in an otherworldly type of way. 

Botanists, please weigh in.

Even without touching them with a nail, they are pretty fantastic climbing trees.

But do you think these two could resist?

Joseph heaven.

The catch is that we have all been busy lately (like we ever haven't been)and we don't feel like sinking any more money into this house we may only be in for a short time. Luckily, we had a bit of building materials ourselves, like a slide and a giant rope, and found a horde of goods under the house. 

So this is a spend absolutely nothing, completed in about three hours tree house. Keep that in mind when judging Obi's skilz.

I have no idea what their plan in with the rope. Weird. Why don't they just let it hang down?

Well, there is this, I guess.

And this. Please note Isaac did start out fully clothed (for once.)

All the kids helped. Doesn't it look totally safe? And clean? Totally.

Tarzan helped for about 45 seconds.

Until he got a text. Bye Brother!

Basically it is just a platform, nudged into the main crook of the tree. The dog just LOVES that they added a pulley!

This post brought to you by Juicy Juice.

With another little platform for the slide.

A too steep and dangerous slide! (That gwina hafta be fixed.)

They cleverly built steps for the ladder by sawing down and tying together some bamboo poles found under the house. Pretty cool! Yes, I absolutely know every good mother is cringing just looking at all these feet. That's what separates us, darlings.

And then they raised that darn rope. I really don't get it. Really. Even me.

View looking up from the platform. Oh my gosh, look at all the shadow, I think I'll link this up with Donaldson!


  1. So COOL! I love the teen texting and leaving. A lot like mine. The pup going up in the pail is hilarious! This is a magical place.

  2. This is amazing!! How wonderful for you all! And I agree with Christine...the texting teen...I have one too! Have a wonderful weekend! : )

  3. Oh my gosh, this is AWESOME. I love the tree house and your family is SO much fun. If I HAD to pick a favorite picture, I couldn't!

    I did not write a TT today, tho I do have a great shadow pic from the Adirondacks...been trying to pull away from the web and blogging and focus on home. But I DO love TT! I may get a post up later.

    Be well a nd God bless.
    Thanks for the fun!

  4. What an amazing place!
    But yes what it must sometimes do your BP.

  5. Having a grand time Swiss Family Robinson style! Love it! Very magical. =)

  6. Point #1: You live in Lothlorien
    Point #2: Now I KNOW you were tired of living in a house!

  7. Cringing at feet - check!
    "That what seperates us, darlings" - Laugh!

    Super cool!

  8. It's like a magical elfin land!! And I just looked up and saw Annie's comment - not even kidding I thought of mine before I saw hers!

  9. Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING. I want to come bring the boys (and me!) to play at your house!

  10. Wow can I come and climb? This takes me right back to my childhood. We had alot of cool trees in New Zealand.

  11. That looks amazing. How awesome to be able to have a special tree like that.

  12. That is so very cool. I bet the kids are having a blast and I'm sure you could find a ton of shadow pictures if you climbed up there, too :)

  13. That treehouse is so awesomely wicked amazingly cool. (I'd add more adjectives, but well...that might get ridiculous, no?) I want to come live with you for a while, just so I can play there.

    (And the shadows are cool, too! :-)

  14. So amazing. Absolutely love the shot with the sun coming in from behind while the little one holds the rope. This is so very Swiss Family Robinson amazing. I feel like there should be a fairy door somewhere :)

  15. I can't even get over how incredible this is... I think the only thing missing is the ladder down to the underground hiding place so that Peter Pan and the Lost Boys can evade Captain Hook!

  16. Imagination abounds!
    So cool! I love the pic of Issac with the dog. So magical.

  17. When I grow up, I'm going to be like you. Choosing a home based on incredible trees. Amazing.

    Oh, and my kids feet are eternally dirty these days. I don't even push the shoe issue at home because we spent 2 years in Korea where shoes are a MUST according to culture. I spent most of my childhood barefoot and my kids will probably do the same.


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