Thursday, August 1, 2013

Theme Thursday: Knots

Dear Web Log, My first ever post from my phone, which is really a pleading for forgiveness of all errors, be they technical, spiritual, or God forbid artistic! This also marks my first post ever from a Chik-fil-A, but I feel like that should be more of an inspiration for perfection rather than a distraction, really. 

Anyway, I'm on a vacation imposed blogging hiatus with reems of Rome  material burning digital imprints in my draft box, but if you know anything about the ol' Web Log, you know of my undying commitment to the photography spectacle that is Theme Thursday, and because Cari makes these schedules according to exactly what I'll be doing that week (seriously, this is eerie) I couldn't pass up Knots! Because yo! I just spent the past week in the boondocks of Northern Michigan  with my sis-in-law Merci, who likes to tie herself in knots, explanation point!

A lifelong gymnast and personal trainer since her college days, Obi's big sister began experiencing debilitating back pain about a year ago. No doctor or physical therapist could relieve her symptoms, so on her own she sought out yoga as a way to help untie the knots in her back, by, well, learning to tie herself in knots. 

And the results, well visually they speak for themselves, but Merci does affirm that nothing else has helped her back like these exercises. 

Since I have known Merci, I have noted that in a truly Christ-like way, whenever she has discovered a way of healing or helping herself, she immediately seeks out how to use these gifts bestowed upon her to serve others. So all the while she has been seeking relief from her own pain, she has been training to bring this to others.

In a uniquely motherly way, she is an excellent steward of her many blessings. True mother to three beautiful little ones, her gift of self always astounds me, and shines forth in all she does. Knotty though she be (couldn't resist!)

Now let's have a little stretch....

ah! Much better. Go forth and see the rest of the knotty clan, back on the road I go!


  1. She is like a human pretzel!!

    Very strong and beautiful also!

  2. Oh my goodness! That makes my back hurt just looking at the pictures. I'm glad she was able to find a natural relief to her pain that didn't involve surgery or pills.

  3. Wow, she's amazing. I really need to start doing yoga.

  4. Beautiful pictures of a lovely model!
    So glad she found something that helped with the pain.

  5. Wow, that is seriously beautiful.

  6. OH my goodness! I feel like trying those knots too, except, it is not going to work...maybe the last two! Off I go:)

  7. It's amazing how the human body and bend and stretch itself into all sorts of pretzel and knot positions.

  8. I. am. speechless.

    Not really. But I am in awe. Your sis-in-law is beautiful, talented, and very very flexible. Wowsah.

    I'm so glad you took these photos. And I'm totally with you on the eerie-ness of C. Donaldson's schedule. Seems like every week's TT topic is just perfect.

  9. That is amazing. I am incredibly impressed by her.

    And I must have missed the "Michigan is the place to be" memo. But I am glad you had a good trip!

  10. Awesome! I don't think I could ever do that... :)

  11. Wow..beautiful pictures that really who how amazing the human body is. This totally makes me want to learn yoga.

  12. Great photos and WOW - my tongue is tied in knots trying to express how blown away I am by those moves! The body is truly amazing!


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