Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Have I Been Up To, Anyway?

Oh, I just drove 1200 miles all by my lonesome with four of my kids up to Indiana. (Two of the kids I sent by airmail because they are trouble, but I am not naming names because I don't want to embarrass Jude and Joseph.)

Of course it was fun, why do you ask?

Well, we are here so the kids can do lots of this with their cousins:

...and I go off to Rome (the Italy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to visit one of my bestest friends, and just about the most interesting young lady ever to have had tenure at the Vatican. Really!  

Wish me luck, I will see you when I see you, Dear Web Log!


  1. Have an absolutely wonderful trip....I'm jealous I've always wanted to go to Rome. Can't wait to read ALL about it when you get back...I'm expecting lots posts wit lots and lots of pictures.

  2. Oh my goodness, have so much fun! I am praying we can get back there one day (maybe for the Canonization of PJP2?)

  3. ROME!! how lucky are you! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  4. SO excited that it all worked out and you're able to go. Lots of pictures!

  5. I am SO excited for you, Rome!!! Wonderful!!! I actually love road trips and cousin time makes all the difficulties of a road trip worth it.
    I cannot wait to hear all about Rome!

  6. Eeeeekkk!!! Have a wonderful trip. Take lots of pics so we can live vicariously!

  7. Joseph? Joseph? This I did not know! Oh my, have a greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt wonderful amazing time in Roma. I didn't realize you were droppin the kids in the Bend - how much even better! Give Mary a hug from me and please, seriously, take a picture, the two of you and send it to those of us who are going to be thinking daily..."What are they up to?"


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