Monday, July 1, 2013

I Survived Fifteen Years of Judeness and All I Got Were These Wrinkles

Jude Marcus was born fifteen years ago this day on a 106 degree day in Tucson, AZ. The nurse stuffed her gloved fingers in his mouth as he was entering this world in an attempt to stop him from taking his first breath and inhaling the mecomium fluid he had been swimming in for the 24 hours of my labor with him. Little-One-Second-Old Jude succeeded in biting her so hard the nurse retracted her fingers with a screech, and Jude sounded his newborn barbaric yawp, laughing in the face of aspiration and nurse-meddling.

Things haven't changed.

Oh my Jude. We took these pictures during low tide last week when the Gulf was completely flat, and noobs that we are to this beach life, we are simultaneously fascinated by and ignorant of the habits of the ways of the water. 

Is this normal?  We have been in the Gulf plenty of times over the last seven years and I have never seen a live seastar or sand dollar, let alone dozens of them, and live whelks, and the mysteriously beautiful moon snail.  

Maybe it is that this is a barrier island? Or the time of year, or that this abundance of catchable life comes every thirteen years? Who knows. We don't, but we are having a great time finding out. 

And seeing how many we can balance on our heads.


  1. Happy birthday to your The Jude! Many, many more!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go breathe into a paper bag because looking at pictures of you people UP TO YOUR NECKS IN THE OCEAN and HOLDING LIVING SEA MONSTERS IN YOUR HANDS has given me a moderate panic attack.

  2. Your son sure has some pipes! My boys are genetically scrawny...

    This is amazing. I wanna go to the ocean! My kids would just love this.

  3. That first picture is amazing - the kind of thing you'll need to make sure you save if he ever runs for office. THAT will get him elected!

  4. Happy Birthday to Jude, 15 is the beginning of better - I promise! My #2 sounds a lot like Jude and even though he was still 100% Tom Sawyer, things grew smoother as he approached 18. Each year better than the one before. Your gonna love it!
    I don't know about low tides, but wow very cool photos. I love getting to read about all your family is experiencing in this new home!

  5. Oh that first picture creeped me out! lol Probably because I just don't know what they are, but they seem pretty tame if you can play with them like that. lol

  6. Oh my gosh!!! Sooo cool! He looks like my Levi. Fearless nature lover...and all around clown! Happy Birthday to him!!! :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your Jude! I love those pictures. People pay big money to interact with those things in aquariums..and just all get to shove as many as you want on your head for free.

  8. Great pics!!! I hope next week's find will boast of northern Indiana wildlife!!

  9. Love these pics! Oh my gosh...gorgeous.


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