Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Five Favorites

Joining Moxie Wife for Five Favorites!

1: My New Coastal Glasses

Finally replaced my glasses that Isaac destroyed, oh, about three months ago. I am completely blind without them, so my eyes have been suffering from constant contact wear. But somehow, pain and suffering aren't even good enough motivators to get me over my chronic procrastination disorder, and I put it off this long. Only me.  These online glasses places are all the rage, so I was extremely excited to try it out. I went with Coastal, where your first pair is free! But if you are me, you have a mega-prescription with enormously thick lenses if you go with the free lens product. I super-upgraded and the total pair cost me about $70.

Within the first half hour of owning these beauties, I was called Granddad, Velma, and most annoyingly, Waldo.  By my children. Oh well. I thought they were pretty hipster, not Geek, and took the above pic to prove my point. Jean jacket, halter dress (actually it is a maxi skirt, but I am 5'2", and the only way it doesn't have a two foot long train is if I qualify it as a halter dress,) glasses, hipster. Rockin' it.

Totally intellectual. See how I am cradling my face in a bizarre knuckle hold? Hipster.

But upon further examination, the kids noticed that the little metal details on either end are...a multiplication and division sign. 

My bad. Not Hipster. Geek. Long live Geeks!

2: Neighbors!

On either side of us here at the Beach House are weekly rentals. Every week has brought a new family to each of them. Last week the greatest people were next door. They helped me wrestle our wily gazebo down in the pouring rain, we celebrated the 4th together, watching all the fireworks and setting off our own, and when they left, they brought us several bags of food!  And alcohol!  Pictured above! With one of those Bacardi frozen cans that you mix with rum to make daiquiris!  Well geez, thanks! 

3: Good Dogs

Our Craigslist doggie has been having the hardest time being house-trained. Boo!!! She is three years old and we were told she was house-trained. Not. Well, after trying everything in the book, AnneMarie noticed that the poor thing had blood in her urine, after her heat period had ended (yes, we are getting her spayed, long story.) We took her to the vet, and they have put her on a permanent antibiotic until we can have the operation, and the poor little thing has ceased having accidents. So sad what she must have been suffering.

4: Art!

A couple Christmases ago, Obi's artist parents gave the kids these great art sets, and boy do they get used. Especially now that it is summer, and the kids are still completely friendless after the move.

red handed

If you can believe it, Peter actually drew this picture all himself. Really.  He calls it, "Peter on Vacation!" I'm telling you, only 16 and this kind of vision, the. sky. is. the. limit.

5: 9PeasMom

You know the best blog you aren't reading? 9PeasMom! Yes, Brilliant 9 Peas Mom has 9 little (or big) ones, and guess what? 8 of them are boys! I'm pretty sure the paperwork for her canonization is already being filled out. But this mama is cute, the right mix of holiness and humor, and best of all, comes up with incredible, large family tested recipes with the actual amounts she uses to feed her amazing family. Most of all, I love her pictures and the joyful way she recounts her life and lives out her calling as just about the best mom around. Everything a blog should be, and just makes me so happy she takes the time to share all her knowledge with the rest of us. Check her out!


  1. Great list! Hope your dog feels better soon and you continue to get good neighbors all summer long. Geeks Rock!

  2. Oh. No. Multiplication and division signs? You're KILLING me!!! John Paul would absolutely die for a pair of glasses like those, kid carries a calculator in his pocket everywhere he goes...

  3. Oh WOW - thank you for the link up, really WOW you are so very kind!!!! I was totally blown away when I saw that and now I'm speechless....don't worry, I'll recover enough to let you know that I saw that first photo and instantly thought 'hipster' and don't you look cute in that outfit, love it!
    I like those art sets, we have a few artists here as well and yes your boy is a visionary!

    I'm so sorry about your doggie, I hope the meds work and she feels better very soon!

  4. What a talented son you have. I like the glasses, and you are smokin hot in you're maxi whatever. Going to check out that blog now!

  5. You look totally awesome in those hipster glasses! I love the multiplication and division sign..that is great! Coastal is great..I got a free pair from there, and loved them.

  6. Loved your faves this week except for your poor doggie. =( I hope she feels better soon. You totally rock those glasses! Love the signs on them as well. Geek is the new sheik right?


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